[GameOver] Old player looking to have another go

Been a while since I last played the game. Looking to get back in to an era now the game can reliably be run on puffin browser (no longer have to panic about being away from my computer).

IGN: GameOver
Medals: 1 Gold/1Silver/1Bronze/12 Ribbons
Wins with alliance: 17

Ideally looking for a 1 tick era (non Galaxy). Would like to play a F2P era to get back in to things a bit first though, so F3 looks like it’d be a bit of fun. Lemma know if you’ve got any room.

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eyyy man

i don’t have an alliance for you but eyyyy

Hey Andy nice to see you back!

I really don’t think this is required at all, just your name is enough.

You sure about this? I hope you are aware that Josh is administrating a Galaxy server and he makes things pretty interesting I heard.(Also as expected)

Its been a while, dont recognise many names. Nice to see you though man.

And Malicewolf Josh? Gratz on him for getting Admin :slight_smile: never enjoyed Galaxy though, dont know why but it felt like a different game

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Galaxy gave me PTSD

Andy, i think i recall having played on an F2 against you. Icelad was there with his 40 lool subs

And werent you with CME?

Might have been, dont remember many fantasy eras though. Was mainly m2.

Played one era with CME, was part of FPM though so enjoyed fighting CME more than anything :slight_smile:

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Your old pal @greeny from SAIL keeps hanging around. You can catch up with him.

No chance, I’d like to stand a chance of winning ;D

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Welcome back Andy ^^ Glad to see our pretty maid came back to us! :joy:

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Welcome back Andy ^^ Glad to see our pretty maid came back to us! :joy:

… why did I come back?

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Time for maid costume pic 2?

Isnt F3 a 3 ticker??

As a mess about to get use to the game again. Wouldnt take f3 seriously

That’s it andy you’re kicked from sail! <3

thats the best thing that could happen to someone. getting kicked form a shit alliance.

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You’re kicked too <333333333333333

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Glad to see a familiar face. Not many left.

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Seth of Diehard? Im still here. Wachu mean?

Yea, but I dont really know you and I never played with you. Your familiar only by reputation.

seth miss you <333333333333333333