Game sounds need to be improved

i think game sounds very basic for sm reloaded.
why tacticsoft still using old versions sounds?


Also, remove the cheesy music that plays every time you finish a mission.

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There is no reason to create new sfx

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I would rather them spend money on game play first.

what is wrong with the gameplay?

Game play can cover many things from ease of use “user friendly” to game balance what I mean when I say gameplay is game balance. And in that mostly I mean that it is a bit hard for weak players to get strong without throwing tons of money at the game so match making is slow for strong players because only a few players are strong. They need to work on grind drops and building a good player base so people can catch up to the top players and give the top players something to do…And giving hope to F2P players and light spender players that they can catch up eventually…

I consider myself a strong player but not a very serious one…

yeah you true. game is some unbalanced

Why is everyone a playtester now, did i miss something?

You could sing up for testing the autoplay

we testing a new feature

What the hell is an autoplay? are they making an ai so people don’t have to play?

LMAO if I could Auto playtest it I would do it haha. I made myself chuckle

This is interesting I have played other games that take players accounts and run them in AI while the player is offline the match doesn’t count as a win or loss to the afk player but it did count as a win/ loss to the real person playing.
That would fix matchmaking
I could see a lot of abuse with it too…
But since I have no idea what autoplay is i’m just shooting in the dark.

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@Elcent :sweat:

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hard to say it but… its only on campaign and u have to be online and chose the lvl, the only good thing of this is the x2 speed button, u can play faster now
btw they increased the refuel cost and reduced fuel cap stingy devs
using ai on pvp would be interesting u could consider it like bots but the loses wont count x offline player, yes the idea its good but i also see more bugs/server stress comming

Agree im bored of the bad STs, background music on each different section would be interesting
also animations need… love
instead of attempting to make us buy reducing farming they should improve battle animations to make it more interesting, mythical items should have exclusive animations that way would be even better get em

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yup, agree :slight_smile: