Game should try to get more players!


Thing could be done!
Advertising (its the way I joined)
Rewards in super mechs to those who play bd atleast till power 30
Helping noobs


“Power 30” this isnt Battle Dawn or Dragon Ball. There is no power level


kaen I think you misunderstand, this is a suggestion for battledawn not super mechs. check the tags.

also, I doubt advertising to the sm community will go well. much like with bd, its become hip and cool to hate tacticsoft within the super mechs community so I don’t think they’re eager to get into more of their games. I guess you might coax some into planting and getting to 30 power but I seriously doubt you’ll get many active players from sm. sm players in general are lazier and younger and wouldnt suit the bd game very well - too demanding.


I already tried BD a few month ago. It was actually good but i don’t have the time to be online all the day so… nothing for me ._.


do you mean like the new “beat” music the kids are dancing to these days? I am not hip or cool but I hate any dev that doesn’t fix bugs and makes no fun things in a game thats very expensive to enjoy :slight_smile:
If the experience of playing one game is enjoyable enough, it follows that any player will try the other game (logic). I have not tried BD (example).


your tone implies you’re trying to refute what I said yet nothing in your post does so. if anything, you’ve supported the point I was making.


There is power bro u get xtal at power 30


They should make a BD app for phones. This would make it so much easire for people to play instead of having to use the computer. Also more and more people use phones now a days to play games unless we talk about serious gamers who play with pc’s mainly. I rekon an app store and google play BD app might increase the player numbers by quite a big margin


There is a app called Puffin it works fine for BD


Oh man, seems you got no idea how much this mobile phone app thing has been debated and discussed in the past.

Puffin is basically a browser and yes it can be used. Besides puffin there are many other flash browsers. Unfortunately since I have been out of game lately I’m unable to remember names but I personally used UC Browser with flash application downloaded from a trusted 3rd party. I have not just moved armies but have won entire eras using it.

Talking about specific BD app, maybe then you should try battledawn earth arena, it’s a different game developed by tacticsoft but it is loosely based on BD principles.


The devs quit on the game . I think they r planning to squeeze out money from SM players to develop the game later,

Right now it’s just a bunch of bugs, there is a bug that lets U instant travel around the world lol, how fun would the game be xD


BD: Earth Arena has recently had a discord set up by @Elric. Best to go there for updates about the game I think.


BD Earth Arena started out as an april fools prank but someone took it seriously and developed a horrible game

#14 @Elcent that was Sarah 's message on the EA forums in the beginning of this year