Game “reset” after watching pop-up ad

During auto campaign, a pop up ad starts, and when it is done, the game continues on like normal, except the login background image is showing.

This is what I see, in two instances that are 5 hours apart.

Though I can simply fix it by resetting the app, I thought I would point it out.

I am not able to see the images. Can you please send me a message with the images?

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The files are private, just post the images here chad

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Sorry, I made it public.

It’s a video, and the only reason I didn’t post it on youtube is because I don’t have an account.

Thanks will take a look. For now just reset your app.


Same thing happens to me.
Yellow super mechs screen after the ad plays then you are locked out.
Now the game tells me ive purchased premium membership for a month. How can this happen if it’s stuck on the yellow logo screen. Please refund my tokens


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Did you click anything while on that screen? I’m guessing that the game plays completely normally, except with that screen showing, so you could accidentally buy premium.

Yes i clicked the screen, trying to get out of it and make it go back to the actual game.

That is most likely the reason you have premium. You just chanced to get into the main menu, open the shop, go to premium, buy it, and click yes. That is the most possible situation I myself can think of. Unless, it is also a chance that you had a glitch.

Either way im not happy about it as i have never wasted tokens on buying premium and am not about to start.

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Send me a message with your User ID number and I will look into it.

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This is also happening when I watch an ad to earn 2 tokens.