Game Of Thrones Spoilers(DON'T)


If you spoil Game of Thrones via BC’s or in-game messages, Alex will permanently ban you.

Thank you


Don’t forget you’ll get 10k blues if you do but you get ban.


10k blues you can’t use is what he means to say.


shhhh don’t tell them that part.


Don’t forget the russian assasins we’ll send after people post-ban.


Also, Leo will kick you all from allliance :slight_smile:


I feel like testing this


Do not test this. Thank you


For real? Well, I don’t even watch Game of Thrones so, eh.


Maybe I should spoil it :imp:
Either that or every boosting on the server has to give me 500 reds, Not to mention the Admin Bonus and Tokens :smiley:
I dont watch it ,so all i have to do is google and copy paste some spoilers :smirk:


Someone pm me the spoilers and ill do it