Game not letting me do any actions


theres a certain player i have played against several times now and every time, the actions options flash for like a second at the bottom, then the clock turns to 00 seconds and stays that way until my time is up, after which he does his moves, the entire time repeating “so annoying”, “### you” and some other profanities. and i am unable to do my move and get kicked out of the game. lost 2 streaks that way already

idk if hes cheating or not, but it doesn’t let me do any actions. i can kinda understand how he reached rank 7 with a mediocre bot like he has


@Sarahsh247 can you please take a look at this?


happened to me several time , probably a hacker


look at this beautifull streak. ruined by an idiot. i reached rank 7 finally


I stopped the game after i was rank 10 in 2 days because my small brother ruined me and lost like 10 games in row :confused:


I just sent this over to the team to take a look at.
Thanks for posting it. I will update as soon as I can.


This has been a thing for over a long while now :confused: