Game mechanics(Energy/Heat)

Hello everyone, i played this game for the long time in the past. Now, then reloaded is out i started to play it again. I want to know one thing, why your mech can drop heat using one action(half a turn) and can only regen energy after the turn is done. I like heat mechs, but the problem is, then i fight an energy mech, even if i overheat him, he still can drop heat using 1 action, and if he drains me to 0, i am left with nothing. I didnt get any good energy free items(magma, sorrow, purifier, annihilation and even desolation).

Anihilation and desolation are epic - myth.

nightfall is too
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nightfall need energy !

This is so the game actually works. The cooling is 1 action point so heat mechs can reduce the opponents turns whilst the energy weapons drain out the other player. Energy regens at the end and not the start so the drained opponent cannot use a move with energy whereas if they started with the regen then energy mechs would be almost useless.

No, i know how the game work. I want to point out that currently in the game i feel like energy mechs are better than heat and phys, cuz the number of energy free items reduced.

Unlike heat, energy regerates every turn automatically - for heat, you need to waste an action point

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As killymachine said, energy regenerates at the end of the turn. I will gladly waste one of my turn for regenerate some energy sometimes. Everyone always forget to say this, LoL :sweat_smile:

Yes, thats the point. if you r drained, and u dont have anything that doesn’t use energy u r done, but if u r overheated, u can cool down using 1 action and perform using second.

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Energy types might be more useful in some situations,however (as an experienced energy user) I can tell you they’re harder to play with.
Sure,they are useful when your opponent has a build full of weapons that use energy,but…
A heat type mech can easily beat an energy type,and here’s why:
Many heat weapons don’t use energy at all,while all the energy weapons do.
Heat builds with a couple energy-free weapons can battle with nothing but their base energy/regen and only upgrade their heat,cooling and hp,while energy types have to upgrade those plus max energy and regen.That means,in order to have good energy stats,we need to sacrifice some max heat or,in most cases,cooling.That’s why you can overheat us pretty easily then rip off our insides :wink:
While overheats occur at the beginning of the turn and regens at the end of it,that would mean that if you overheat me,next round (after my overheat break),after I have less action points,I might not be able to drain all of your energy.That means more energy for you every turn,that you’ll use to overheat me again,thus,repeating this cycle until I’m beat.
I could continue but it’s already a whole lotta text.Hope you get it
Summary:Energy mechs have both their advantages and disadvantages against heat builds.I wont even go through energy types vs physical types or hybrids.

I am an energy guy, and i vouch for this. Double max myth desolations can usually get me . Granted, i have only 410 heat. They are basically a phys weapon that uses heat. Get a guy with a repulsor and 2 myth max desolations and you are kind of screwed. Of course, this is after you drain their energy and they have used their energy consuming heat generating stuff, which require minimal energy anyhow.

It’s just a fu#cking game.