Game is back up!


Remember karfley “what is wrong with you” to chris

That was the funniest shit ever XD




thx sarah i was thinking it’s a problem with me xD


sarah u can do that to the game every day if u will give us 100 tokens after xD


U have better RANDOM # GENERATOR than me boi even though its random RIP TIP DRIP DIP


Yeah I flex those premiums all over you


boi flexin what should be my Rollin Beast but im flexin that BIG DADDY if u know what i mean


Better end this off-topic before we get roasted


And/or bus suspended for 2 days Pls dont flag me


ryker big daddy is trash


We know, it’s sort of a joke in our school


Boy sort of joke it is the BIGDADDY boi the DaNkEsT weapon in SUPERMECHS



wait so what happened?
why did the game shut down?
was there an update?
im confused from the comments


Yeah I am still confused too, I don’t know why there was no clarification


i do thank the 100 tokens but…
what happened?


u see that those r good states ?



this is good ?


nah bro… these are the good stats


mmm nice juicy 387 that gets boosted to 408 in Arena