Game is back up!


Well what a nice suprise :+1:

Not sarcasm


And yet again you made everyone thoughed that SM died.


I hope change leader supermechs
finally illegal finish

I believe the fingers

I pay tokens many , work too much and I win nothing

I do not say thanks for 100 tokens cas that I suffered a lot

you must respect old player more 5 years


I think that 100 tokens is enough for an apoligy.


what can you do with 100 tokens? nothing worth

1000 tokens is better or box park


But you forgot about premium box.
Cmon boss…


if you fall epic item you should not be happy


Now i really feel your disappointment boss.


I love this , game crashes for unknown reasons :

We get 100 tokens. :joy:


Amaizing isn’t it?
And i’m gonna wait for that discount.


Ill just gather tokens for the next portal


I rather say for premium pack’s.


268 tokens : A prem pack on discount.

Also 268 tokens , is 8 refills.
So you get more value out of portals.


Whatever you say.


Yeah, portal loot is better…


In fact is better.
And in fact they could give you nothing.

Premium pack is not better, you will get probably epics :

And most people sleeped at this time :zipper_mouth_face:


For me it was like 6 am when they fixed this.

So its a win-win situation.


I was helping my parents renovate the living room so this gave me a peace of mind while I was working. I actually didn’t care if I ever got to log on or not.


Ryker- your so stupid lol

boi your gonna get slapped on the bus to school tomorrow lol


The whole SM squad at school will gang up on you for your RNG comment