Game is back up!




wait i will send a screenie.


What happened that changed,? I was expecting another reload, possibly the 1v1 coming back into the arena, or maybe even another weapon portal. You lowkey let me down, Tactisoft.


It was a Spartan Nerf, Thought it was a Whole PHYS nerf


No, my lvl 31 spartan carnage still has max 348 dmg


Visual glitch maybe? Try using it in Arena


still the same…
i can’t do arena since there are too less people


yup, still op. to me, it seems like they buffed it, because it dosent usually do 321 dmg first shot. maybe i just got lucky, btu second shot got me 340


Tactisoft, what did you do??


i dident get it…


They didn’t buff it, it’s the game’s RNG at work.

RNG is Random Number Generator by the way, which is basically the ones making the drop chances, damages and basically almost anything in-game.


do certain people have better rng than others?


@Sarah247 Thanks!

(The premium box btw)


R stands for Random, so literally no.


weird. one of my freinds got the lighting scope with 2 other premiums from the shockwave portal and I dident get a single legendary from 15 runs. Random is busted


I too, got Lightning Scope and Shockwave, the rest is just Myth food, but don’t blame the devs, it’s just RNG doing it’s job, also were you farming in Hard mode?


Thanks for the 100 free token…I just transform my Zarkares torso into mythical tier …


@Tacticsoft, thank you for the free tokens, too!


And I always thought the “R” in RNG stands for “Rigged”.

Just joking


Thank you Sarah for the special gift. I appreciate your gesture!