Game gets worse day by day

Have been noticing that day by day this game gets worse and worse in terms of arena waiting times. Usually population is pretty decent at clock reset, but today has been particularly bad. My kid got so fed up from morning waiting for battles and got 2 within around 20 mins. I tried just now and got 1 in 15 mins.

This game is definitely not going to last much longer. I think that most people are just fed up with it. Drops are just too terrible for players to progress so the top ranks are scarcely active it seems.

So sad for such a good game. I cringe to think how poor revenues must be for this game, and how Tacticsoft will survive given the stubborn attitude towards increasing drops, or introducing features that can improve the status of F2P players.

After having bought boxes recently, I am now too stand-offish to spend money again. I only seem to get rubbish. There’s almost ZERO value for money.

2v2 was supposed to have improved arena waiting times, but it has definitely made things worse. I can’t even get my 5 wins because there are no matches to be had, or I keep getting the same opponent to fight over and over. My kid fought Nagibator like 15 times the other morning. Almost one after the next.

The few matches this morning were also with 2 opponents only.

This whole situation is very concerning for the future of this game and Tacticsoft.


Who flaged my post?
I hate u.

I played two accounts at once right now and I can say I have been getting opponents for my account non stop and completed our daily mission within 10 minutes…

So I say it’s working well.

I am in Rank 3, my brother is in Rank 6

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I’m in R1 at the moment. Still can’t get matches.


My frist acc was rank 1… i wish if i fight with ya

thx I quit searching battles
I won’t give you my place :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is that even you?
Wow im in desert

Of course!
With these drop rates?
With these crazy builds in the arena?
With all these people in the arena that have no skill,click whatever comes to hand first and kill you mindlessly?
With everything wrong that’s going around?
Did you really expect anything to get better,my friend?
No,this is bad.
And it will only keep getting worse.
But for how long,until all of us get fed up?


Hi, @Mr.E, unfortunately, I must disagree with you. There is not “almost ZERO” value for money. It is exactly “ZERO”, point blank, value for money. In other words:

Now I just limit myself to buying each week one pack of 5 cards from raid + other tokens… It is enough. I spent an insane amount on this game, and received nothing but bullcrap. Just nothing. NOOOTHING! i REFUSE TO PAY. Period. End of story.


Same here. The search even ended up picking in low ranks after 10th of minutes. Was good to see @WinzKay in arena tho

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Rank 2 v Rank 4 lol Good seeing you too

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uhh…New portal?

Well yes, it wasnt that catastrophical. I was just out from a veeeeery bad serie (after you i had a row of 7 or 8 wins, thanks for the cheer up ;)). Back in top 15 now and it doesnt pick as far as r3 anymore

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Hopefully I can soon grow to become a regular foe for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart_eyes:

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Your phys is pretty good, if you can add some res itll be a killer. As for the electrician i dont know man, not an expert.

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The phys is my second mech and it’s weapons aren’t fully maxed so I just use it to cushion my Energy mech… I feel like it’ll soon become my main mech though.

And OH MAN I want a Saviour more than Platinum

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I got 5 in 20 minutes…

I’m still going to play the game.

I am kinda annoyed with it.


If you mean gold. Nope. I use them a lot to turn epics into legionaries so I can use them for mythical fuel.

I sometimes don’t even do the 2v2 thing because now I lose battles a lot more often now.

I had to fight a rank 6 as a rank 8 (Though I am surprised I actually won.)

Maybe we could make a thread suggesting updates that could make everyone happier.
Also to state for the fact that I had to fight a rank 6 as a rank 8 (Which I did mention not a minute ago) but I think it matches up with the amount of hp you have rather than rank. When I look at this, I saw someone who was rank 20 had to fight a rank 17. Not that I am disagreeing with you.

It’s normal in r1 lol

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R1 was boring 3 weeks ago, when i left, i can only imagine how much worse it got.
I liked it when you could play 1v1, and kinda get some oponents back then, to finish your dayly…but now, i think the top player are the same as they always have been, and i bet fighting the same 20-ish guys get boring really fast.
was bad befor the 2v2 update… must be incredibly bad now.
The drops… ha ha ha ha… i spent a small fortune… on them, got nothing but crap… if they made it worse now… that is funny cause some players get whatever they need…
Items i never got from boxes… grimsome, bunkershell,chaos bringer, myth hp plate, myth protector(multi res one)… and i think i have opened a total of 420 premium packs.
Spent 2200 $ x 6500 tokens = 143000 tokens… 426 total premium packs opened…
you judge if it gets worse or not… compared to what happened to me.
Ps: learn from others mystakes.


I forgot that you left…
So what you gona do?