Game freezing impulsivelly!

My game keeps freezing over and over.Literally freezing;the only solution is to refresh.
It happens anytime,wether I’m in the arena,farming or even building my mechs!
This has never happened before the last update.I have a very good pc as well,and I can guarantee it’s something that came as an ‘‘extra pack’’ with the last update.
Seriously,it’s getting unbearable.



Never happened to me

You playing on Google Chrome?

Yeah,is that why?

Browser may be the issue. Have you tried another one?

I don’t have another one :slight_smile:

Well, download one. I snot a problem. I recommend you Mozilla Firefox Quantum.


I’m glad to help :grin:

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Quantum is what I’m using, and well, it works purrfect for me since long time ^^

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