Game doesn't load (stuck at loading screen)


Most of the time recently my game doesn’t even load, it’s stuck at "Loading client… 100%"
I have tried clearing my browser’s Super Mechs cache & cookies, and I tried running the game at (I play it on Armor Games)…


I played on Armor games before. It’s how I found this game. It’s slow no matter what they do to the game.


With that browser do you play?


I play on Firefox on supermechs website.


I use Chrome (64-bit) and I play on Armor Games (I only play on the Super Mechs website if I get the “good ol’ client not up to date” error).
Finally, the game started to work again today, it’s completely random when the game doesn’t work…


So I cleared cache earlier. Saw the organized upgrade shop. It wasn’t that organized than before the old work shop, yet is better than the last upgrade. So lets see what the worse is the come.


Lmao, the game is not working again, even on