Game Crash Feedback


Hi game staff. I’m playing SM since 2 months about, and i’m here to say you all “CONGRATZ” !!

Right when i started play game, it used to crash each 5/10 minutes, mainly if u used to quick press buttons/commands.

Since few weeks (about right after they added “forced 2v2” PvP) the game crash issue has been fixed(i never got any game crash).

CONGRATZ again guys!!!

PS: i mostly played game by using smartphone’s app


Use another bowser.
OR log off.


It’s your computer’s fault buddy. Don’t blame the developers

No one else gets it or they just haven’t told it publicly


OMG u both are true nabs… Are u able comprend what ppl write?

I told “game used to crash in a crazy way 1 month ago about”(i play mostly by using smartphone).

since 1 month they completly fixed dis issue. I’m not getting any crash since 1 month.
So i told them “Congratz”. i don’t see any part where i’m blame Devs


Ok like…you should not put it at bugs & issues.


it was a fixed bug. maybe “gen discussion” was more appropriate section. Q.Q


Well…you should put a gen discussion.
Thank you very much.


LMAO u getting pissed by me telling u’r nab :laughing:


They made a mistake. Don’t be a total cuck, because it really undermines your point.

jesus children these days.


they talking without even read or understand my post, blaming me for something i didn’t even write…
Tht’s why i had to answer them how it was needed.


Does it sound that i am blaming you?
You can’t prove sheet

No. That does not sound like that i got pissed…
I am saying that you should change it…

And just like Trans said.We made a mistake.


If you are going to keep such an attitude,I advise you to keep your mouth shut.
I also had the crashing problem on Android and I know what you’re talking about.
From the moment you made a public thread you should have assumed that people would express their opinions.
Don’t talk like that,plus it’s your fault by not explaining properly or making a pretty useless thread…


Oh I didn’t know you were addressing me.
Buddy, we misread and Yoyo here wasn’t getting mad until you accused him of it lol.
We honestly thought you were talking about a bug since it was in bugs section and we were trying to help obviously.

Like honestly, learn to use manners before making bold assumptions.

Geez man, How old are you…


it was a thread for game owner. So i wasn’t looking for forum user answers/opinions. And it’s them not understanding what i wrote


OFC i can’t deny ppl reply my threads, but atleast i don’t want anyone complain on my post about something i didn’t even write…


This thread was simply to say “oh game owner u made a GOD work improving game crashes since 1 month”

It was a “CONGRATS” thread game owner only related.

Imo it’s was only way to let them know i was satisfied by their improvments. nothing more.

So i don’t find this post useless


That’s called a pm.

If you didn’t send a private message to them and made a public thread instead,assume it.

And please mind your attitude from now on…
Brother,you went on against pretty much everyone that left a comment in here.


It wasn’t, nor will ever be needed. So please, respect others, even when they’re wrong.

There’s no need to be a dick about it. Alright, have this thread closed.


kk i’ll try be more peaceful