Game crash after ads

These couple day,this thing occurred to me on my phone:
So,I do my usual farming process.
I join the first mission,I kill a minion and then BAM!
An ad pops up.
I close the ad and continue.
I finish this mission and 2-3 others.
In the 3rd-4th mission,halfway through,another ad pops up.
When the 2nd ad ends it,the app quits the game.
So then I have to log in again,to get another ad after my first minion,finish another couple missions then get the ‘‘killer ad’’ afterwards.Then continue this process…
It is extremely annoying and it ain’t the phone’s fault.
Seems that it happens on my mobile device since the last update (never happened before,the app workes just fine)…No random quitting on my pc tho.
So,not just that it quits itself after a pretty short time while farming,but I also have to watch a ton of ads.
I am sick of it.Please,someone,fix this.
I don’t really do much in my classes,so I play SM a lot during highschool every day…
You have no idea how annoying it is to farm for the entire class,have to re-log for at least 8 times in an hour and have to watch at least 20 ads in one hour (for I farm 2-fuel missions…It already takes a while to empty that tank,but with all these quitting on the app’s behalf and all these compulsive,obsessive ads it gets all the more annoying and it’s bothering me)…
I will stop playing on my phone from now on,until it gets fixed.

pssst…Download some anti-ads extension from the web.

(excuse me, but there is something that kept ringing me … what did you mean by not doing too much in your classes? Are you a teacher or a student?)

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I’m a student.
Did you think I was a teacher that plays Sm during class? :laughing::laughing:
But many times,yeah…we don’t really do much…
Maybe I gave a little too much detail after all haha.
Well,that solves the obsessive ad issue (I didn’t think it would work but now that you told me I’ll try)…But I don’t know about the ‘‘random quit’’ one.
Thank you!

And lol,that made me laugh a little

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I think you don´t need to improve the game, you need to change school or teacher!


Or maybe not enough :thinking::smile:
Don’t worry.I study hard at what is important (like math,chem,phys,biology etc) but classes like geography,religion,french,economy,debate aren’t really taken too seriously.I only play in these times,when there’s really pretty much no stress and nothing to to seriously.

Yeah,sometimes we have a little too much free time

I’m trying to get admitted into a medicine university,after all…Don’t take me as a lazy bum that all it knows to do is play :laughing:
I hope I cleared my own misunderstanding…

Will write with more care next time

Look at what things are, and how everything is important … unlike you, I like all that garbage that you don´t. However, when I was studying Archeology, I had to learn Medicine! Without knowledge of Medicine, I could not have advanced. In the same way Geography, Anthropology, Ancient History, Law, study of languages! they are very important for a doctor.

It always happens to me something similar to what happens to you, when I play with my mobile, the app works for a while and closes. So I found out about the company that provided me with internet, why this happens to me.

They told me that it´s as if the connection “got tired” and app needed to be restarted. And it happens just or maybe after seeing a heavy advertisement. They gave me to understand that it is a connection or telephone capacity issue and that there is not much to do with that.

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I agree,everything is important in it’s own way.
After all,you never know when you need it…Be it a conversation about some historical events,a plan for a holiday/trip (in which geography comes handy),going to a foreign state (where you gotta hold a conversation in that language) and everything.
I respect what you do.I have no real knowledge about it,but being an archeologist sure sound amazing and unique;you don’t hear many people aiming for that. :slight_smile:
However,I’m not really made for humanist profiles (that’s how you call them here;they require geography,history,language,etc)…I think I’m better off solving a reaction,mixing this and that and working with algorithms,formulas and equations of chem reactions (I’m aiming for pharmacy).

Many people in my class (studying a bio-chem profile=>medicine) are like that and the the teachers know it (that we don’t really take other objects as seriously as math,bio,chem etc) so they let us be…Resulting in sometimes (everyday) having some ‘‘free classes’’,in this time which we do pretty much anything but the point :laughing::laughing:

Thank you so much for bringing that up!
Now I think I understand the issue.Thanks to that,I’m sure an ad-blocker is all that’s needed to fix it.


No, it’s not for travel. It is because many diseases have to do with Geography, with Geology and with climate. Some diseases are more frequent in some regions than in others on the planet. An interesting study would be to determine why ancient Egyptians had developed a certain immunity to malaria. That has to do with History and with Geography.

And much of the study material that you will have to consult will be found written in other languages.

I’m glad I was useful. Good luck with your exams!


Thank you!
There’s still time until the exams but that time is precious and I’ll keep studying.
And wow,that sounds interesting.Archeology must be one beautiful and enjoyable profile/job(like you’d discover a little bit of everything every day). :slight_smile:
And here you just proved just how important these other subjects are,also.Too bad we don’t really get to hear much of them,but you know how they say…Google is your friend (and yeah,I’m gonna browse and research it now that you actually caught my interest a little) :smile:
Nonetheless,I’m glad I could talk to you today.
This sure was an interesting,nice and informative change of replies :)))


Maybe IronSource imagined 894 seconds ad.

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Not 894 but some are almost 1 minute long…