Game breaking advertisement on iOS

The new Food Lion ad that is running only appears on half the iPhone screen and so the x button can never be clicked. The only thing way to proceed is to close SuperMechs and reopen. I don’t mind watching ads but this one should go. Thanks :blush:

@Mohadib @Sarah247

There are now multiple ads that are unclosable and it’s making it hard to play. I turned off location based ads on my iPhone thinking that would help but it doesn’t. I am really enjoying this game and want to keep playing but having to close the app every time an ad plays is game breaking. Is there any way a hard close within the app that activates after 30 seconds could be added? I’m thinking that the developers don’t get to choose specific apps that play, but if you can, the ads that are broken are Food Lion and Gummy Drop.


@Sarah247 @Mohadib