Gamble box idea maybe?

ok so my idea is to add boxes from which items of various rarity and various level can drop. or maybe even add that to the free item boxes? currently im just wondering which garbage items to level from 1 to max just to transform into next rarity tier to use as fuel to transform another item.

should gamble boxes be added? (they could be more expensive than silver boxes, but still be buyable for gold)

  • yes, add gamble boxes
  • no, do not add gamble boxes

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i like the idea but feel it a little be short on explanation
i mean fortune box almost ensure u an epic if u get it and u only have to destroy bosses on the dificulty u want, i founded that the more dmg u deal to the whole lvl ur chances of getting it increase, this isnt oficial its just how it worked for me i mean almost always that i deal an ultrakill/perfect to every battle with big boy it drops a fortune box idk if is just luck or it is related

now i dont think TS would put a box than can give u a legendary for gold since u cant get mythicals
but i like the idea of ramdom level items it would make boxes worth more they increasing price but would hurt if u get the item u r upgrading at great lvl and same quality xD