Galaxy Spy Issues


i found only that topic when searched.

so i am in G2.

what happened with my spy is below:

  1. i planted spy on outpost. then put spy protection. the agent vanished upon putting spy protection
  2. there is no 20E add spy protection option when spy is on an alliance outpost.
  3. when spy is on alliance outpost, first option that comes up is the “plant agent” option. during this option, there is no “add spy protection” option. after spy is planted the “add spy protection” option comes up.

will edit this particular post as i test my spy out to give confirmed observations. in the meantime, somebody can comment and help me understand how galaxy spy works.


It’s pretty much known and accepted.


wow. thanks for that, elcent.

however, is that all with regard to the changes? are there any other changes people are unaware of?


This is all I currently know :slight_smile:

Best to speak to some Galaxy players to if theres a few more hidden things