Galaxy 4 is back!

Galaxy 4 is officially back and with it a new admin!

Having enjoyed Josh’s G3 4 ticker solo I have decided that Galaxy deservers its very own solo world but at a slightly slower rate. Therefore I am opening G4 as a solo only world at 1 tick per hour.

Rewards for this era will be:
Rank 1 - 5000 blues
Rank 2 - 2500 blues
Rank 3 - 1500 blues
Rank 4-5 - 750 blues
Rank 6-10 - 500 blues
Rank 11-30 - 200 blues

Please remember as this is my first world things might not always go to plan!

G4 is a temporary world for me to learn in.


Single tick solo world has potential. Make it an era to remember and Elcent as long as you don’t put the world into havoc in the first tick, you are already a better admin than Josh


Good Luck @Elcent with your new “project” :exclamation:



Congrats @Elcent! well deserved. I hope it’s an incredible era, and lots of bloodshed :slight_smile:

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Please refer to this man as Admin Stuart Little. For he is starting his project little and will become huge. lol

Congratz Elcent, Now teach me how to play Battledawn

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Gratz Elcent,

I’ve known u ages and you’ve been super active supporting our community over the years

#BringBackM3 btw

Love ya

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It’s not hard to do better than that admin. He’s such a scrub.