Galaxy 3 Settings


Hello all,
As I did last era for galaxy, I’d like to give you all (the players) the ability to play the worlds you want to play :slight_smile: Please give me your input for what you would like to see this next Galaxy Era. Starting with tick speed! (i will not replicate other world tick speeds)

  • 1 Ticker
  • 3 Ticker

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What alliance size? (once again, not replicating what already exists)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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And lastly! Do you want the era to be a kind of Special Event, or do you all just want to duke it out :wink:

  • Yes, let’s make it a special event era
  • Nope! I just want to kill other players! Stay away Josh!

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Oi where is 6 ticker.
Make it 6 and see actual BD players get in there


6 will happen in August on real BD :wink:


Ok folks, I hear ya. 3 ticker 10 man era looks like what we’ll be having next G3! I will suggest however, spread the word folks! Get more votes. The more i see, the the more excited I’ll be to do extra fun things as well ^^

And it looks like so far, you all want something special for the era :heart_eyes: I’ll get to brainstorming, but also, you folks that voted, feel free to throw some ideas out there. If I like it, who knows, I might just implement it :wink:


Random Teams.!!!
Tick 50. Add people to teams randomly. It will kill the same family ruling Galaxy. Because random are in same team.
No One can complain . Since they voted gor it


That wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I fear I don’t have enough time to get that specific vote out for all to see. I’d be fine having a vote on the side for an era like this to occur however, then if enough want it, we can implement with plenty of head notice :slight_smile:

I will also put out there, I do intend to have another Factions Event (with some tweaks from the last time of course to fix any issues we ran into). Which essentially revolved around the idea of randomized teams. One problem I foresee with randomized teams with a limited team size (like 10 players) is that you could easily end up with 1 good player and 9 who just planted but no intent to play. THAT would be a real bummer. With that kind of set up, you need to make sure the odds are in good favor for all to have fun :smile:


Gotta agree on most of these.
I heard the faction event is in August?
Hope so .I’ll be able to participate this time


Sorry, no set time frame exactly. But I will be sure to give head notice when it comes out


Just make me rank 1 and BoaT


So it’ll be a 10 man 3 ticker!
Here’s the ideas for special event for this upcoming era. Please vote for what you’d like :slight_smile:

King of the Hill
I think you all know how this works by now :slight_smile: The hills will be placed throughout the map (to include asteroid field) and the relics will be slow moving (essentially, won’t move off hills). Teams will need to capture all of the hills in order to grasp victory. OPs leading into the asteroid fields will appear later in the era to give players access to grab the hills and their rewards throughout the era.

Genie in a bottle
Defeating my defenses will grant you a wish. Those who conquer me will be rewarded with 1 of 3 different options. Crystals, resources or relic. Every time I’m conquered, I’ll reset with new and more powerful defenses. Are you up for the challenge? The limit will still be 10 relics however. 10 relics will still be the requirement to start the world timer to end the era however or the tick limit being reached.

  • King of the Hill
  • Genie in a Bottle
  • Neither, I don’t want event anymore

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We have a KOTH on G1 for a long time.
However Genie should be great

Just so we can watch Malice get Rekt Multple times.
But people will plant next to him

SO how about Malice relocates every time he gets defeated.