Galaxy 3 Resource Bonanza!

Hello all, this next Galaxy 3 will have a special little treat for you all added to it. As many of you have heard, we now have a new xp system implemented! So with that, I decided to help all of you explore it a bit with an event that practically GIVES your resources!! Next G3 will be a world with resources raining down on you all! Mass resources will be handed out after 1 full day for all players and more boosts will continue to be handed out to players throughout the era. Only things you guys have to maintain are your energy and worker counts :wink: A perfect event for players to test out the new xp system with :slight_smile: So everyone come on by and see what’s new! You’ll never get quite a chance like this again :smile:

-All players will receive a large mass boost after 24 hours of 1st tick. This will be around 15k metal, 10k oil & 200 workers (no energy will be given though).
-About every 100-150 ticks you will receive an additional 10k metal and 5k oil (there is no good excuse for any player to stop playing this era :wink:)
-Teams will consist of 6 players
-Tick speed will be 2 ticks/hr


If anyone wanna a player and is willing to teach me how to play Galaxy, I’m down to pay Malice a visit on his World.

Same here, sounds fun :smiley:

Imma follow Psi and Muha. I mean, i played 2 galaxy eras, but one was very long ago, and the other was with Jed, so neither one counts

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PSI come play with me bro . iplayer many eras and leading rank#1 team in g2
rank#2 in g3(that is now in havoc)

and iam inrank#3 allaince in g1 (as i started late)

so it would be fun with u to play in nxt GALAXY ERA AND GO FOR WIN


anyone else who want ot play can msg here SO THAT i can make them in MUST BE GOOD player
exp and active:)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I planted for achievement blues.

Psi, Leo, Muha, i think we should bring our team to G3 to put a stop to this family madness

This man legit ended a forum post with [quote=“ppbhardwaj, post:5, topic:6193”]

i [email protected] ik leo psi

i hope u all willjoin me WE CAN ROCK

I can’t be active keep that in mind, I just wanna try and play Galaxy for the first time, and this seems like a good chance

hmm i want ot try u @Muha so i will make spot for u if u want to ply with us

Dont go with too much expectations , on the risk of being sounding discouraging and negative, for galaxy where a combined of 3 servers u never find more than 15 people online at anytime and even as low as 9 people sometime dont expect a lot of active compeititon , and now as per the update the reward will also be dependent on mass boosts , u might just feel u wasted your time for nothing.

Other than that , Goodluck :thumbsup:

@ kean- bro PSI knows me thats why i putted that line
ur friend ppbhardwaj

no other resons :slight_smile:

Add me on Skype: noobpsi

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@Malicewolf Also, help me on it… Put an easy map pls :joy: :joy: :joy:

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New map, special rewards, 2 ticker, 6 man teams :slight_smile:
G3 has reset! Good luck everyone :smiley:

have fun testing out the new xp system!


@Psi bro there r two PSI when searched in skype

what is ur s
ur from italy?

Wth @Malicewolf no 24 hours till server start ? lol

Edit: Just planted, ye the countdown is there, but server says its tick 4 xD

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shhh, ignore the numbers!!


@Psi wait till you see havoc at tick 8 :joy: :joy: :joy: