Galaxy 3 parameters


Then ask the admin to make it 10 man on G1 lol, there’s no need for 2 super fast worlds at the same time…


my bois!

1 ticker ftw

Tbh adding a 1 ticker would defo bring more vareity to the BG roulette let alone a whole different kind of players.


Galaxy 3 has just opened!

Come play it here!


Boaring 10 players i wish they could be 2 or 3


my idea is to change the tick speed every era.1 ticker is too slow for some players and 4 ticker is too fast for some players


The tick speeds can indeed be changed per era. I intend to give players the option of voting every era where possible so that we can do our best to give you guys what you wish to play. However, I do ask that you all keep a few things in mind. We will not change settings mid era regardless of how much the voting has shifted. I know quite a few in game have asked me to change the era to a 4 ticker as it has shifted to more votes, but the settings have been made already. The voting will be based on the votes at the time of the server set up. Also, I will try to steer away from replicating the same parameter’s as era’s that are already in play (and we have a 4 ticker already on galaxy). If you wish to see certain things ingame, then I urge you to say something here on the forums and to encourage others to join and vote for them. Things like in-game perks/events can be done mid-era to some extent pending what they are (so long as they won’t affect how the overall era will be running). I hope you all have fun!


Can you clarify which of the ideas actually implemented?


Gold mine is being implemented. And Dictator will be as well as the era progresses. You’ll see some shiny things in the center of the map popping up :wink:


Our revenge for taking back the win from us at tick 8 , and also for the M2 stabb 3 years ago (lolz). Doesnt matter if u become an admin under protection , will find a way to kill u. :imp:

#Avenging M2 stabb since 2013 :smiley:


How did you kill that insane amount LOL


They sent all 10 members to come for me and had a decent amount of R4/5. Plus over 2k armor units to soak up the damage :slight_smile:


On a Galaxy World.
Hmm Id say Well Played :clap: