Galaxy 3 parameters


Hey folks,
I’m sure some of you have heard, but to those who do not, I will be the new admin running Galaxy 3 shortly here! So, to start off my first era as admin, I’d like to get some feedback from you guys on what you’d like! Tick speed being the 1st. So, what tick speed do you folks want this era to be?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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Next up, I’d really like to try keeping my era’s special in some way. As many of you already know, I like to mix things up a bit! So, here was some ideas I was thinking of doing. Tell me what you guys think/want. And feel free to make any suggestions and I will see what I can do! :wink:

Work for your money
I will place units on all resource OPs (decently defended). Essentially, no free resource Ops! You’ll be working for your advantage all era :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will be the main focus to beat at the start of the era with overwhelming numbers and lots of defenses surrounding me. I will have a stagnant amount of units and will not make any more throughout the era (aside for relics, garrisons, etc). The world will have to work together to take me out before they can focus on dominating the galaxy themselves! High risk, but big rewards! (I will not attack, just defend my own OPs until you beat me).

Gold mines
Additional pockets of resource OPs will be placed throughout the era in random areas. They will be well protected.

Pick which ideas you like below.

  • Work for your money
  • Dictator
  • Gold Mine
  • None of them

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And lastly! Alliance sizes! Please pick between the below 3 options for what alliance size you’d like for this era to be!

  • 3
  • 5
  • 10

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I hope to see many of you join me on my first era admining!


Galaxy 3 had an wierd map , if the astroid fields are lesser would be great , giving more space :slight_smile:


Will the winning map design be used here?


Sorry, unfortunately not. At least not this era. Not enough time for that implementation as G3 will likely start up this weekend (feel free to spread word and this thread!)


All of it sounds great
Love Dictator,And voted for it BUT
But GG and their subs(2 ,3 4 idk) will just kill any team (mostly one or two both against each other) and then take you out
So best shot would be Work for you money or Gold Mine


More important than all this parameters talk… Congrats Josh! It’s well-deserved.


Seconded to Milly, you deserved this Josh :smiley:


A request , try to keep the map like our solar system , a big sun in middle and 5 planets on right and 4 on left and some meteor fields , so we can feel a little associated with it and it doesnt feel like random rocks all over the map. i really want to play this era and bring a team, but i want the map to be a little something with which i can feel associated. Please.


I think the galaxy is not ready for such an event. Most of the old players & pros are not playing it anymore & galaxy is literally run by noobs these days. I would request battledawn teams to show up on Josh’s wonderful event & try to make it as successful as possible & also try their hands on other galaxy servers. In this way the most common excuse of most BD players that they feel that galaxy is empty, that won’t be the case anymore. BD teams can fight each on galaxy & just can consider that admin changed the map for a while coz earth,mars & fantasy got too monotonous.

In this way we can review Battlegalaxy as well, as alex successfully revived BD.

& ofc congratulations Josh.

BD/staff~fields/team all worlds/forever

Make a thread asking battledawners to play


It’s not an event :stuck_out_tongue: Josh is just asking what we want for his server, since he’s an admin now. If BD players don’t wanna play that’s their problem, I’ll be there :wink:


what if we just ignored you in dictator mode ? any incentive to make us fight you ?


The incentive is that you get to kill our newest and coolest admin :sunglasses:


Those people that want another 4 ticker galaxy,

Why do you want 2 fast worlds on Galaxy? would you play both at the same time?


i hate Galaxy. but this is incentive enough to make me want to play it. one of my favoritest peoples became an admin :triumph: congratulations on achieving it, Josh. i look forward to playing on your world


kaen hates galaxy?
hmmm :thinking:


I’m actually finding it a bit funny that Josh isn’t even playing but he has voted for 1 tick server while the majority votes are going to 4 tick server, Josh may find it difficult to admin his first era ever when it is a 4 ticker.


i think its the ten player 4 ticker that they voted for…current g1 is only 6


when will it start


a 4 ticker , well i guess i am out if its anything more than a 1 ticker , :frowning: