Galaxy 3 , Era 80 RFF (& Allies) vs NJOY (& Allies)


Another good era going on on G3 Between RFF and NJOY

RFF consists of old players from TK DOGS and other alliances leader SAM

NJOY lead by Abbasi and has other players like Zain , hassan etc .

Looks like a fun era.


galaxy thread xDDDDDD


Goodluck to Sam on his first era back.


That is his 2nd era back.


SAM sucks. he only knows how to talk big about himself and speak lies. hes the worst leader who’s member didn’t care to follow his orders and stab us previous era and he couldn’t control neither kick him because he was afraid that he cant kill that person by himself. And now this era instead of admitting his mistake hes speaking lies to his members and making friends to fight friends.


Oh damn i didn’t know . I’ve been hearing so many different things. Sadly People don’t really bring them to the forums anymore :confused: So i have no idea whats happening xd Hopefully you give up some updates about the era Hassan


Well tbh im not interested in this era anymore because im barely active as many of my other team mates too, busy with real life. i planted as JW started playing after 200 ticks or so. cant do much except suicide into someone so i doubt you wont likely hear alot about this era or see some great BRs :stuck_out_tongue: lets see


Tick : 988


Who’s team is he on ?


Sinister was on RFF. He quit though apparently


heard there was an EOT recall that the rest of his team did. “quitting” could be a bs coverup but i know nothing


HUGE battle between NJOY and RFF just occurred. 365 squads vs 366 squads.

RFF looks to be the winners of the big battle. Hopefully someone posts a BR for us all to see the magnificent battle.


Ohhhhhhh i wanna see that.


From a friend


and after RFF won the battle ,they have changed their tag to TK.

although most of the people knew it anyways.




who could have guessed that infantry would beat veh :hushed:


Inf is pretty OP sometimes D;