Galaxy 3 Era 78 Event


With this era getting over some of the players will also be taking off for a while. Not that the era was too hardcore but some like G and capo will be taking leaves.

It was a good era overall. I didn’t have any plans to plant due my busy schedule, but as it was an event era conducted by Josh I did wanted to plant, was just being lazy enough for it,but thanks to @Greeny he made me plant. I switched roles between active and feeder a couple of times but still was more of a feeder.

I’m making this statement publicly that both @leobratce and @Psi were phenomenal during the era.
Also rest of the team consisting of @Gaurav sue,mir, capo others did a fantastic job as well, especially capo’s motivational messages and speeches really worked towards the final push.
Since I was a mostly a feeder I can’t say much about enemy at frontline but from what I could see @Seaweed did amazing job against capo.

There were suspicions raised on @Senatus activities and a lot of colonies moving with Milan were banned after being reported by capo. I would prefer staying neutral on this and won’t cliam if he was cheating or not.
Fun Fact: @zain planted to kill Milan but got banned before he could do anything.

At the end we are all thankful to @Malicewolf for conducting this era and his world chat mini events.


Lol no doubt pole is one of the remaining old players who still plays BG. But giving him the title like ‘Milan of Galaxy’ , ‘Dady of Galaxy’ are statements far stretched.
I have only seen BD players referring to pole by those statements.


it was @Trinoid who danced with @Seaweed with his 25 squads while seaweed grew by boosting and being fed( they had a hell lotta feeders) from 15 to 55.That kiddo deserves some credit too, xD. He and @hariscapo did i don’t think many could have done

Overall, I’ve never seen such a great era ever before( not that I have played many eras or something)
But the no cap on the alliance size gave it a real fun element with spies stabbing, Sooo many feeders and ioners and E workers. Loved it.
GG to all and also especially to BG players for giving such a nice competitive era (except the banning part).



Definitely some historical omission in this post but yes, nice competitive era.


Well that was interesting. Thanks to my amazing team, you guys were seriously awesome to play alongside even tho I wasn’t on that much.

Some amazing moves and great fights, thanks all that took part and gave us a fight.

What everyone should take from this era is to NEVER give up!

Big shoutout to @Malicewolf for always trying new things and risking a lot for the BD community.

You should all know @Psi my favourite Brazilian after Adriano, ronaldo9, Ronaldinho, rivaldo, Robert Carlos, Romario and the latest addition

Adios ppl, go enjoy the stress and wonders of real life.

I quit



cya in a month :scream:


Seems I forgot to mention the name of our saviour, Lord @trajic1 in my post. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, I mostly being the feeder surely missed a lot of names( of both active feeders and the frontline actives) in my earlier post.
For eg. @trajic1 @celene @Shibu885 , Pittsburgh , @Trinoid , @Soniya_Madaan funnybunny (this nub picked my international emergency call twice or thrice) , @Faker @abbasi. Also for a shorter period of time we were also joined by Iceman and at the end our troll master @BaBaBaBaBane

Also before the merge with PNS @Greeny did a lot of solo work against @Meliodas and other JACK peeps.


Last but not the least , i was your teams biggest Motivational support.


I would like to thank everyone for the fun and entertaining era. It was an honor and such a pleasure to play with and against many of the players that showed up. Met new faces, fought along/against old ones. Special thanks to @Malicewolf for making it all happened. Props to everyone that contributed to their teams, both ours or enemies. Regardless of what was happening throughout, I enjoyed the game in entirety. You were all awesome.


Thank you to everyone who attended this event :slightly_smiling_face: It turned out immensely better than I had hoped in all regards! Many BD players showed up to galaxy (which is already something I was super happy to see) and played their hearts out. The galaxy folks played fantastically as well and imo, really showed what they were made of this era; surviving till the very end against quite the overwhelming odds. The era was constantly changing as folks changed sides and teams throughout to keep things interesting. I feel that this era could have easily lasted for another month of two and folks would still be enjoying themselves, and that alone makes doing these types of things worth it. It’s truly what keeps me motivated to do these types of events for you all (and will continue to do).

So a big thank you to everyone who attended, whether at the start, the middle, or the end. And thank you for everyone’s patience and understanding. I did try to ensure as much fair play as I could throughout the era, but I do understand there were some frustrations in regards to some suspicious activity throughout the era.

I hope to see everyone show up for future events as well. This one was definitely a keeper though, and I intend to do another in the near future for sure (as well as new events in general)!


yall circlejerking each other now or what


Wtf is circlejerking?


Greeny’s favorite pastime.


Worst event ever. Pls make another the same as this one I loved it.