Galaxy 3 Era 78 Event


Any updates from either side as this era near’s it close? :slight_smile:


muuuuunnch on popcorn


With a large number of players losing armies at least once, this thread is missing a hell of a lot of br’s


no need for BRs anymore, no more competition to shittalk with


Hi, sorry for jumping in.
Is there a discord for Battledawn?

@Carter pls.


There is a VERY large skype group (almost 400 people) and the BDA and @Jaymah both run discord servers related to BD


May I join?


ofc lol what’s your skype (unless you’re referring to the BDA discord, don’t have a link on me, if you want to join jamies, here you go


Thanks for inviting me :slightly_smiling_face:
And I don’t have Skype.


get skype if you play BD then lol


i have a feeling this chat is gonna explode soon.


New map, Old era. Tick 1900. PNS renamed to Borg and SD renamed to NG (dont know why, i think it was amazing that no team changed names for so long)


does anyone have a screenshot of how the map looked around 200/300 ticks ago?


it looked something like this , PNS/BORG was Blue and SD/NG was red




Are you the guy in SD having misfit as ign?

Had totally forgotten about forum and thread.
Not the typical me.


My ign is Zami.

And I currently play Fantasy 1.


End era top 13 screen. Dildo Baggins is Pole “the Milan of galaxy” and Kvothe is Milan
They both lost, in galaxy :smiley:
10 relics captured, but 2000 tick limit win. From 20k score disadvantage to what you see below.


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