Galaxy 3 Era 78 Event


Uhhh is no one going to stop me from double posting?

More PNS kills



Yo you forgot when this guy disbanded 18 squads :joy:



shitty build…:joy:


Trajic locked and damaged on relic (I think?):

Dako trying to screw us over with his spy ways died too, funny that you posted that BR Capo haha.

PP dead:
This just in, PP rebuilt and… dead again:
Own dead:
Own rebuilt and… oh no, dead too:


Seems like y’all having lots of fun, especially Milan, being back after so long.

Hoping to see some BRS soon…Good luck all.


So to the surprise of no one, Paradise Lost and Tenebres on SD side are perma banned.
Also to the surprise of no one, Bjus de luz, Pato Donald and Deus e por nos on PNS side are also perma banned.


Who are those colonies? First time I’ve even heard of them lol

These two actually built and “fought” for part of the era. Sad


They’re colonies that appear to have been planted to help PNS out in the big fight in the south on Bong3n colony. They’re still on there, defending their teammate’s colony.

Pole didn’t send the last screenshot yet, but apparently the last one is on there too. We’ve asked admin to delete the multi units. Not that this in any way makes the Paradise Lost / Tenebres ban any less dirty, I’m just surprised it took so long given that it was obvious they were at least account sharing back when we were fighting them in Jack.


Omg cant wait to see you on forums when we fight on D0ng3n’s colony :smiley:


Pootie wrecks 1400:



Capo is a big cheater and using nopy’s help right now


1 dead:

Edit: Buck Rodgers dead:

Energy (I found a bob) dead;

Pole asked to tell you he died by the hand of the noobs Boris, Igor and Dudanska, so there you go.


sleep mode activated :joy::joy:


Armies from both sides mass on the northern front. Prepare for the final war to win the era!


I listened to this for the 72 hours I was fighting desperately for my fortress against waves of PNS armies. Had an erection the entire time.


Time to rejoin PNS >:)


oh this guy?


few active players in SD suddenly gettin a new fetish



the 0 achievements guy who suicided on me multiple times early era, then spammed for Jack/SD everytime he was needed to while also prolly doing their energy work just got banned too. I wonder whose multi he was :wink: