Galaxy 3 Era 78 Event


Yea u called me? Why sorry?:sleeping::joy::joy:


Sorry it took a bit too long to update the map , lets try to catchup on most of the details.

N Joins wars (a Disheartened leader??)
while :rage: Jack was fighting :smiling_imp: SD & :nauseated_face: TT for most of the start of era. :skull: N Joined the battle against :smiling_imp:SD and attacked Pole and his friends on top right side of the map. They tried to conquer Pole but couldnt get the task done due to lack of activity and coordination.

After this failed attacked :skull:N leader talked with :nauseated_face:TT leader and finally :skull:N was merged into :nauseated_face:TT.

Jack Internal Problems :
Somewhere around this time the actualy leader of :rage:Jack got banned and Elcent was voted as new leader of :rage: Jack. But the problem was Leo and Milan also got a good number of votes for leadership and everyone was expecting from the start that there were not gonna be ending the era together in a same alliance one way or the other and due to some reasons which they can explain better lead to Leo , Psi , Gaurav , Trajic and others leaving :rage:Jack. Although both sides peacefully went through the process but big loss for Jack.

PNS is created , TT merge :
The players who left :rage:Jack created a new alliance :clown_face:PNS. Seeing that :nauseated_face:TT was struggling with activity and leader also replaced and newer one quit due to real life issue it was decided to merge :nauseated_face: TT into :clown_face:PNS. Even after merge :nauseated_face: TT has a lot of players left in it but most of active folks are with :clown_face:PNS now and :nauseated_face:TT contribution is almost nil in wars now.

Current Situation :

Current situation is pretty much :rage:Jack is now warring :clown_face:PNS and :smiling_imp:SD while :nauseated_face:TT mostly inactive

a few Brs which i could get hold of

Kills From Jack

Kills From PNR



Kills From SD


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God of galaxy?


Hey, Milan hold this for me…


era just got interesting and yall decide to not update this?

PNS kills


Everyday hundreds of SD soldiers die… Tens of gates and colonies are nuked and radiated for decades… Please donate and be their feeder. They need you now more than ever!

More PNS kills


On the other hand, while W and Paradise Lost were relatively inactive, losing 45 Koko squads must hurt a fair bit as well :smiley:

About half of that disbanded, the other half stuck around to give us some juicy exp.


C’mon @Senatus lets make our final move, 1v1 on @Malicewolf’s empty colony.

@EDIT: @Malicewolf Make a new event in game.


I dont know man we can do this more often but we can obv see who’s doing better :smiley:

More PNS kills

Poutine’s army image



those must be the inactive noobs? :joy:
or you finally learning something instead of borking thing :joy:


Ignore this. I need to level up commenting post.


have you won any dead eras recently or did you get banned there too


did you increase nopy’s salary for piloting your accounts and placing multies for ya?


there’s a difference between flaming someone of something they have been seen doing and just wild guessing an accusation :smiley:


everyone knows nopy your brother from another mother :joy:
how much do u pay him tho?


im pretty sure the word “everyone” doesnt consist of just you and ponka :smiley:


Focus people focus. More killing, less talking :wink:


cant kill anyone if everyone keeps running throughout space mines in the middle of asteroids


Hunt Psi for days… Then conquer him with a spam while sleeping. Seems less focus works for me Josh!


GG (Greeny Gone):
Psycho gone:


Ilona Elcent and Hope all dead

More PNS kills