Galaxy 3 Era 78 Event


Can @Senatus confirm or deny that he is actually playing this event? :thinking:


maybe u can pm and ask him if his playing or not playing effects your playing or not playing.


Just a heads up to those interested, 11 hours till it starts!


Tick 190 its Jack vs TT vs SD



As most of you know currently G3 is having a special event aka Unlimited alliance size era. And its good to update everyone with whats currently going on in the era.


  • Teams Involved
  • Roster
  • Diplomacy & War
  • Special events inside the Special event
  • Kill of the Day
  1. Teams Involved
    4 Teams Involved atm :rage:Jack ,:imp: SD , :nauseated_face:TT and :skull:N.

  2. Roaster
    :rage:Jack 49 Members (Leader: Jack) : Random leader invited other players
    Members : Milan , Gaurav , PSI , Leo , Ali , Se7en , Riptide

    :smiling_imp:SD 36 Members (Leader: WSS) : Run by Galaxy fam GG as per rumours
    Members : Pole , Hope , The GarbageMan , Germanicus , 2Pac , Capo

    :nauseated_face: TT 31 Members (Leader : Muhammad) : RIP , SAIL , CwL Fam mostly
    Members : Greeny , Darky , Jhonny , Abbasi , Youzius , Hitmo , Mr O ,Claw , Luvraj , Bane

    :skull: N 26 Members (Leader : Ketan) : Mix of Players invited by Ketan, Ketan Fam and some HINI members
    Members : Mandark , Hassan , Omer , Konoha , Rodrigo (Roy of PoZ) , 2

  3. Diplomecy & War

  4. Special events inside the Special event
    World chat Events : There are some special events conducted by G3 admin on world chat and the winner of those events gets free Blues. U can check them everyday on Worldchat.

    Boost Discount : A 60% 1 tick boost flash sale was given at tick 200.

  5. Kill of the Day

Coming Soon…

Note : Pm me any correction if u want to make any corrections in my post


Here’s the fun you could all be having if you join the chat events :smiley: Today’s little game


i need traslate this, why you put images???


You are floating adrift in space after your ship breaks down and you are stranded. Choose one of these options:

  1. Go to engine and try to fix it yourself. Pretty sure hitting it with a wrench should fix it?!
  2. Try turning it off and on again. That usually works, right?!
  3. Scream at the top of your lungs. I’m sure someone will hear you in the vacuum of space. Sound travels in space, right?!
  4. Chillax. What’s the worst that can happen? Eat. Drink. Hit up some funky space blunts. Your overprotective mother is surely worried and looking for you.
  5. Grab your gun and hole up. This has to be the doing of some space aliens! Or maybe Milan… who knows?! Best to shoot first and ask questions later anyways!
  6. Masturbate. You’re probably gonna die, so might as well enjoy, right?!

Pick one of these options and send me a PM with your answer.
Multiple people can answer correctly. All will be rewarded. Your answer will determine your reward. You have until the end of the tick to answer me and rewards will be given next tick.

All scenario answers:
1 - Your hearts in the right place. Too bad your head isn’t. As you head down to the engine room, you trip and fall and the wrench smacks you in the face. Shame. You get 100 minerals (stuck in your face that is).

2 - You turn off your space vehicle. Wait… it was already off. You try to turn it on again. Yea, dunno why the heck you thought that would work… You got nothin. But luckily, your mother shows up out of the blue. Yay! You get 1 of everything.

3 - You scream your face off till your blue. Oh wait… or could it be because there’s no more oxygen… uh oh. You get 1 blue (because your face is blue. Get it?!)

4 - You sit back. Do some yoga. Meditate. Then eat, drink, and do whatever while you await your coincidental savior to come. Wait… someone came… it really is your over protective mother. Wtf is your life man?! Congrats, you earned 1000 mineral, 1000 gas, and 50 energy.

5 - Your paranoia has caused you to hide under the steering wheel with your shotgun in hand. You hear a noise at the back of the ship. You cock your gun in preparation to shoot whatever comes through. The door suddenly opens and your fire out of panic. Your see your mother lying on the ground. Dude… you just shot your mom. You monster. But hey, her ship is here… you ride off in her space ship. Oh look, there’s 100 credits! Congrats, you got 100 blues… You monster.

6 - You are weird. Who does this?! Anyways, in the middle of your… uh… deed, your mom comes to your rescue. She enters your space ship to see you… doing your thing. She gasps in horror and runs away screaming leaving you stranded there still… she’s coming back, right? Oh well, might as well finish… Congrats, you get nothing. Dude, what the heck?


I’m being bullied here.


One of the first major kills for TT alliance

Jack off loses 10 squads

My losses 20 Veh armor :smiley:


Nice man youre improving :joy::joy:


good job shqipeee

Do we have info on who Jack off is?


I have people telling me its Pasta leader of FD alliance from early galaxy eras

Not 100% sure tho


Pasta is back? Thats nice to see, get that guy on the forum


Map Update

Diplomecy Hasnt changed a lot since last time , its still :rage: Jack VS :smiling_imp:SD & :nauseated_face:TT , while :skull:N staying mostly neutral.

Some Kills :

Kills From Jack

Kills From TT



Kills From SD

Coming soon

Kills From N

Not Participating in war yet

(click the arrows to expand and view the Brs)


For an event era this post sure is dead :confused:


ilona down :smiley:


I can’t believe we forgot to talk about Carter’s trapping skills. Totally forgot about the forum there for a moment :\

Latest update: Jack is #winning.



Update: Greeny Died again while sleeping.
Poor Wolves tried to Ion to save him but sadly he met his demise