Galaxy 3 Era 78 Event


Hello folks!
It’s been a bit since I ran an event on my world. So without further ado, I am running a new one.

This era will feature an unlimited (ok, just very high) member limit. Players will be able to have as many members in their team as they want! But whats the catch you ask? Only 1st rank team will win any reward. And that reward is only 10,000 blues spread out among the entirety of your alliance (rounded down to the nearest 100).
So if you got 10 members, it’ll be 1000 for each.
12 members = 833 (rounded down to 800).
15 members = 666 (rounded down to 600).

So, what does this mean exactly? It means you have more incentive to work together temporarily, then split up and fight it out for bigger rewards at the end after defeating mutual enemies. It also means that your team needs to make sure it’s got a good amount of control of the map before they start downsizing, as the enemy teams can bring in those you dump to begin to outnumber and overwhelm you as you try to hold onto your higher prize.

Some details this era to be aware of: (Do note some of these could change BEFORE the era starts) Please note, this is a new event and has not been tried before. Technical difficulties could arise and that may force us to change some mechanics. Please be patient with us as we continue to try new things to make things more interesting for you :slight_smile:

  • XPV2 is still in effect on G3
  • The CT required to join another alliance will be altered to 5 ticks.
  • Tick limit will be 2000
  • Tick speed will be 3 ticks/hr
  • Relics will not move

So bring your friends (go ahead, bring them all!) and create that massive team you always wanted to have! Will you opt out for a small reward with your friends or will you and a few others show the rest what it truly takes to rule the galaxy!?!

EDIT: There’s been some talk about which map to use. So i’ll let you all give your thoughts on which map you think will be best suited for an event like this (and then once we establish which maps seem like they will work well, we’ll put up a vote).


Fancy coming to admin a BD server so we actually get some awesome events like this?


Wish these would come more often, seems like fun tho.


Sounds fun. Anyone who would like me in their team can link up.


Interesting event

Might stick around for one more era

We shall see :smiley:


In due time my friend, in due time.

And those interested, you can always just pop in and join. Like i said, unlimited alliance sizes. I’m sure you’ll find someone (especially when someone attacks them and they want an edge :wink:)

I’m hoping to see folks hopping around quite often here to try to get the upper edge and stay ahead. Should hopefully make for an interesting era with lots of opportunities to turn the tides.


What map will be used?

Please don’t use the current G3 Map


Was gonna use the current map as I feel it works well, but I’d be up for hearing others opinions for why another map may be better.




i would like the map to be the 6th one .

Reason : i have played on that map against TK and its a good map cause the most dominent team cannot reach other side of the map fast and has to travel the whole map in a circle to reach the other side which gives the smaller teams on the other side time to buildup.


I’d agree. A map like 6 or 7 is needed so that its hard to control the whole map easily.


I agree with the above comments.

The Map shouldn’t be too open that it allows the bigger alliances to dominate

Map 6 or 7 would be ideal as they would limit alliance movement while still allowing for multiple fronts to any war

I could see Map 6 easily turning into a 4 alliance deadlock with each alliance taking a corner of the map

Would be very interesting


did someone say… battledawn royale???


the map number 2 is better


map 6 would be better and map 1 as well


So far, most arguments have been for map 6 and 7 with a little for map 2 and 1 as well


skip the rest lets have another voting on 1,2,6 and 7

  • Map 1
  • Map 2
  • Map 6
  • Map 7

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To get as many people as possible aware of this event would it not be ideal to advertise it on the News section on Battle Dawn like you would any other new era?


like advertising it on BD worlds aswell the other admins should send a same message like Josh sent in G3


I think it’s pretty safe to say Map 6 won. So I’ll also make plans to change over to map 6 for this event