Galaxy 3 Era 73 Solo Round!

Hello all,
This next Galaxy 3 will be a bit different! This time around, we’re having a solo galaxy era! The era will be on Elcent’s new map as a 4 ticker (as per the votes on my last topic made).

With this, there will be some minor differences in the gameplay and rulings as well.

-First off, as always with G3, the XpV2 shall be in effect. The cut off for minimum squads killed necessary to gain xp will be 3 full squads.
-All resource OPs are off limits at the start of the era. They will become available within the first 200 ticks of the era and the number that will become available will be determined by the player count that place. These resource OPs that open will provide a higher than usual income.
-The era will run for 2000 ticks or if a single individual holds all 10 relics for 100 ticks.
-All relics and garrisons defenses and crystals may go up or down pending circumstances after being placed. The minimum tick time for changes is every 100 ticks after being placed. The longer a relic or garrison goes untouched, the tougher the defenses and lower the reward will be. You have been warned.
-If subs start to become a major issue, a new ruling to the rewards will be made. Please try to keep the era as fair as possible and do your best on your own. Allies are there to help you, not be your slave.

Era Prizes:
1st - 7000 blues
2-3rd - 2500 blues
4-5th - 500 blues
6-10th - 300 blues
+500 blues if 10 relic win

Additional rulings may be added as needed pending circumstances of the era. All changes will be announced in world via mass message and on here if any have been made.