Galaxy 2 Era 58


??? I wasn’t talking about Dan, those are the reasons I stabbed you all, Dan was fed up with sand calling him at 7 am after he was up all night on f3/m1, and he brought in people (I’m just a friend of his and understood how he felt, so I stabbed with him). I was sick of how anyone could follow such an autistic individual though.

  1. If I really cared about winning, I wouldn’t have stabbed. Don’t know if you have eyes seeing as you play with sand, but we already won the era.
  2. Hell yeah the era was boring, idk why anyone plays galaxy, only sub empires and noobs.
  3. You clearly didn’t get the lesson, and that was stop playing with retards because you and Theo are better than that (Theo actually gets it tho)
  4. Like I said before, kind of hard to kill sand when you all have 700 more power, I’ll admit it wasn’t a very well thought out stab, but we didn’t really care that much.


Come on now Galaxy noobs. There are like two teams that just trade eras and hoard medals. Yall would lose real quick to actual BD players if they came to Galaxy and started at the same time.


Wow, you won an era in galaxy?! In which something actually happened?! Wow! Even more impressive considering the retarded leader you had…

It is reasons like THIS that galaxy is a fucking dead pile of shit. BD people come over and try it out and they could inject life back into it, but then when they join absolute idiots like you they understand why it’s the drain on Tactisoft that it is.

You don’t even KNOW hard eras till you come to BD and win a competitive era there, because BG these days is nothing but a token farming ground for the scummy players of BD.

But don’t worry, half the players in BD don’t know themselves so you’re not alone.


Now now, no need to get too aggressive. Any BD team is more than welcome to go and take on the BG teams. Most simply don’t feel like doing so, but it doesn’t mean BG players suck. I’ve run into a few (way back last time I played BG) that were pretty good. Not like there aren’t plenty of teams on BD that try to farm through eras with sub empires. It’s simply that most don’t succeed. No one likes to leave home court advantage though. So if you’re gonna be the one to challenge, then go challenge. They are simply stating their opinion on their turf.

Now if they were to come from the opposite and say all BD players suck, then yea, sure… tell em to come and prove it.


not all BG player are nub ofc they won in .com too CE2 few of DOGS team won in CE2 and now BG is emty no one is playing free blues go there and kill them and win and proof your self everyone does mistakes in game sometime just have fun


BD team challenging BG teams & vice versa.
Oh God,I thought we are done with this argument.

Well BD teams keep challenging BG teams & ask them to play on BD servers & BG teams asking BD teamsto play galaxy.

Its all bullshit because nothing of that happens.It always ends with excuses from both sides.

Though TK visited BD many times, sometimes they won the round sometimes took 2nd or 3 spot or sometimes lost. But I don’t recall any specific BD team showing up on BG.
Yes few BD players keep showing up. This does remind me of the dispute between Sayan & 3z, don’t recall how it ended though. Also many individual BG players keep showing up on BD servers from time to time.


Honestly guys, this whole BD vs BG is such a moot argument… Which brings the better players, Battledawn or Battlegalaxy. It really doesn’t make sense to keep arguing over this. Because let’s be honest…

We all know Kong players are the best.


If I remember correctly a certain team from galaxy did come to play f3 few eras ago and I remember seeing them with 2-3 subs(friendlies?) ( correct me if I’m wrong) those 2-3 teams ended up taking on the rest of the map… but later all of the other teams ganged up on them and they lost (the galaxy team, I remember they teamed up with 4E) … also era went max ticks too…


It only went to max ticks because Iceman’s 2 teams shared relics and built all era


well era only went max tick for ICEMAN and crew, they killed 4EGG pretty easily


Kong has produced the worst player of all time, Milan…


milan indeed :smiley: remember maestrou ? hes back so is b3stknight


NOPY kong player biggest nub :smiley: :smiley:


:grin: thank you nakahal