Galaxy 2 Era 58


Well, unlike previous Galaxy eras, This era is actually having some wars…Anyone who is playing or just watching can discuss whats going on right now on the era…

There are teams kicking out players, players leaving top 3 teams and backstabbing and even allied teams attacking each other

I would also like to wish good luck to Carter and his Friends in the war.


Certainly does look like an interesting era so far. i look forward to some BRs. Could you make a poll to see who supports who?


Update: It seems Cobr is disbanding the team since a few members started attacking NJOY while the leader was off


Sure…ill post Br’s of OP vs PerV

This was the fist kill by OP around tick 260 , when 14 squads were trapped, but the rest of them disbanded

After this loss, PerV was forced to move back into their hive, but OP and NJOY combined were too powerful for them to defend…They were loosing ground and soon OP got their second kill , Locking down and damaging squads on one of their colony

again around 10 squads disbanded

By now PerV lost the whole right side of the map and started relocating to the left… they had 3 armies left and was fighting NJOY on the bottom right corner

But OP wasnt doing much after they killed PerV on the right side, since they had to move half the map to reach them again…NJOY fought for around 200 ticks and got a few kills …Soon OP had reached the left side and Moved directly into their hive…i guess they were out of options as it was pointless to stall the era and let Perv rebuild…I guess even Perv realised this, they gathered around 60 squads near 72 squads sent by OP , and 14 fleets of OP got hit by a nuke…They were waiting for the opportunity and decided to attack…It was an attack they would have won, but OP managed to damage the squads attacking from their colony eot and it was suicide

They managed to get a good kill , but OP won and the war was over by tick 460…

OP took all the stuff owned by Perv and around 60 ticks later , 2 members from NJOY and a member from OP left team, spammed their network and started fighting them…a lot of GG players have also planted lately…Dont know the reasons for the backstabb nor what all is going to happen…

2 of the backstabbers have already lost most of their army…i dont want to say names of these people

If anyone else have some BRs to share, please do… This is all i have


The first good galaxy era in forever :slight_smile:

Sorry it had to be this way Aswin.


All good…having some real fun now… :slight_smile: Good Luck!


Reason for backstab is that $anddip is an absolute moron of a leader, please threaten to kick me again and its my fault i stabbed loool, im not gunna take that shit laying down


They back stab their team mates because they weren’t happy the leader criticized their activity level. No one wants a sleeping beauty on their team Dan.


Nah, Dan and I were active. Sand is just a retardo :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t like noobs winning easy so I decided to spice it up. Working for wins is something galaxy players don’t do often.


salt, spice and everything nice


Lool Asif it’s tough to beat ur team lol…2 of ur guys died 12 ticks after they left xD

The only reason u are still alive is cuz u took our OPs when you left…

  1. were not dead at all lmao, I had people specifically plant to join me :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. oh and about the ops, sand litterally said on skype that network is unnecessary and unimportant, guess that’s coming back to bite y’all :wink:


lol you want a challenge come to BD, galaxy is dead tell me time and place and ill plant a team to win


Lol…same lame excuses ALWAYS! xD U all r dead…admit it…Stop crying now lol


Well well…The Pros of BD are dead! LOL U guys r no pros … u all are complete noobs

All backstabbers dead…Cya all…Come visit again lol



Looks like the only trash around here is you brah! Nite nite backstabbers

Perhaps when your BD buddies hear of how you all slept on an op and got killed they will disown your trash talking loud mouth.


lol i didnt sleep couldnt get my team all online so we took fight meh u know u flew into a quad agent OP right? and we had 24 CT. And youre all talking shit when we had 300 power vs 2 alliances with 700 each lel


So now come the excuses… you aren’t just trash… just pathetic… lol


@Carter Turns out you weren’t all that active… got killed while sleeping on an op. Guess all that backstabbing had you tired out and you needed a big boy nap. Sweet dreams!

Btw, killing you was the easiest. Atleast Perv put up a good fight and had some skill.


Lololol I got exams today, idrc all that much