G3 Era 67 Discussion


… And by “discussion”, I mean pointing out and roasting every little mistake Josh makes! :imp:



I do expect to see some clashes… of course, after you all finish coming for me :wink:


Tick 2 Alliance Territories


Welp, GGWP guys. After the most gruelling 8 ticks of my life, the world has finally gone into havoc.

When people said that Galaxy medals actually meant something, they really weren’t kidding. CE 1 and 2 have got NOTHING on this era.

(don’t worry Josh, we all love you still :heart:)


GDI fluff T_T why couldn’t you just let it slide unnoticed by the general masses. I shame family honor


Imma try to start a Murphy’s List thread for our new Admin Josh!
(Murphy’s Law = Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong :joy:)

#1 First era… ends in 8 ticks?!

Josh is Love, Josh is Life. :heart_eyes:

Although he took them back, still pretty excited for the ticks to come! :beers:


SO after a hard fought 8 tick era finally DD won :smile: , but as Malice :imp: never wanted DD to win this era he took back the rewards :cry: and now all our 8 tick of sleepless hours and hours and more hours of hardwork is gone :confounded: , vanished , just like that. I am really sad with this decision :pensive: and want my tokens back , this was the only BG era till now on which i have done more than just planting :head_bandage:, i actually recruited a spy :spy:, u know how hard it was :construction_worker: , i had to login more than once per day :sweat:and click on that hat guy thing. I am really disappointed. :rage:


@discobot fortune — Will Josh have a tumultuous future career as a BD admin?


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


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lets keep this thread on G3 please :slight_smile:


You’re a saucy wench discobot…


Well that lasted longer then expected.
Such a great era it was, sooo many sleepless nights. I even almost managed to collect a daily bonus!


this is hilarious…


wheres my free blues

Most important discobot question?

were the blues retracted?


Yes, the blues were retracted :sweat_smile: as well as my dignity


I still want those free blues :stuck_out_tongue:


Josh strikes again! :joy:


You seemed like you needed the little extra bit :wink: