G2 : Era 67 BOAT


I dont Plant on Galaxy much but as i planted on G2 to get the daily boost tokens from Galaxy aswell i just saw a guy doing BOAT which is actually complete just as we speak about it. IDK much about him But good job KAMI :slight_smile:






2 weeks back senatus got BOAT on G4 - Solo


Speaks volumes that those stats get BOAT in galaxy


But also remember they have less AI colonies than us , hence less colonies to conquer and less AI troops to kill. Unless its G3 where Malice puts an insane amount of troops on relics and u will have like 20k kills just from relics alone.



Or also like fewer actual legit kills that aren’t farmed off AI colonies…? I guess that’s difficult when there’s 20 people playing an era


GG kami we are proud of you :slight_smile:
kabi ao haveli pe khushbu laga ke


That’s my ‘being nice’ defenses :slight_smile:


thats no where close to tom
the army that man put on his base puts the power nukes to shame


Challenge accepted!!


@Theo rip :cry:


oh boy , i already feel bad for all the armour/damage/range spaceships thats gonna die on that relic.


It’s my colony. I wouldn’t do this on a relic. That’d just be in bad taste :stuck_out_tongue: