Fusion Glitch/Bug


So, a friend of mine SuperiorMecha; say hello if you see him. experienced a, let’s say, frustrating glitch.

When he logged on, he had found that his Last Words were mythed, but he had lost the following items: Seraph Blade, Mighty Cannon, Armor Dissolver, and 3 energy engines, all legendaries. All of the items were not equipped on mechs.

I also found out that my Bully and 10 Kg teleport were converted the day before, and in the prior version of Sm, my God Mode.

Share your comments if you know about or experienced this glitch.

EDIT: My friend has never told anyone his account details.


Sounds like someone went on his account and fused those items.


I had this happen to me before reloaded my Yoshima X was upgraded with every one of my other items :frowning:


that seprah blade is so good


Did you get a visual glitch before and see double of everything so you used those extra items to fuse but later you refreshed by logging in and found that the system reset it and actually used the real items to fuse it??


That has happened to me before

Rip legendary annihilation


:sob: :sob: :sob:

i can give one, i got two of them.