Fuse weapons to make a new weapon

A place on the upgrade place to make a fusion of 2 item and make a new one



I will explain that two types of cooling and regeneration modules are used and it will be just one other example: a heat module together with another module of regeneration and cooling will work and you will have one with everything equipped

But this means customization, which means strategy, which means f2p might stand a chance, which is a big problem

just 2 its too easy think on 5 maxed
then fuse em with tokens
if not ur idea wont be even readed by devs seriously

this is a good idea. i would want to fuse a maxed out heat and a maxed out head laser. i would be indesrtuctible

It would be a lot of power bug Example HP Platinum module + Mythic protector 3 Heat module cooling engine + module of regeneration + modules of max energy + = Many modules in only one module is very strong if they grab something like this they will not logically arian for several reasons

1You could operate 5 modules in 1 only this iva aser that a mitic mech could have 500 energy 500 heat very much cooling and regeneration in 2 module slots would be very unfair would have to have a weight depending how many modules you put even if it would still be a lot

2.With 5 modules operated in a slot the pilots of a very high rank would have so much heat and energy that for any pilot it would be difficult to beat them too if a player of low rank operates 5 modules of Hp in 1 only it would be difficult to beat him

3.Logica if they integrate would have to increase the weight of function also cost in large amounts of money to operate 5 elemenotos that would be good for all players but the players who buy tokens and money would have it very easy because they would go from all ah such a point that they would be extremely difficult to beat them and with a supernatural advantage

That’s why I feel it’s not a good idea to make 2, 3, 4 and 5 modules in 1

@scarletdragonfly read… he said 2 items
and after all the weight would be the same as the 2 items

Si pero lo que trato de decir es otra cosas que creo que no entendistes

es que… tu spanglish combinado a la horrible gramatica del google translate me desorienta
entendi el punto pero creo q no captaste el hecho del peso… no podes poner tanto como dices aun si solo usas 2 armas

[[quote=“Izhar, post:10, topic:9032”]
es que … tu spanglish combinado a la horrible gramática del google me
traduces desorienta

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Bueno pues lo que trataba de decir es que si avia fuciones de 5 o 4 iva se una catastrofe nivel destructivo…

xD ya te dije como se usa google translate
si pones todo ese texto te sale x la banana
debes poner frases cortas y adaptarlas