Further era management


it appears the bd playerbase is rising again, which means we might be getting more servers soon. would adding an option to sort your eras be a bad idea? like, i have some worlds on which im just watching. or worlds taht i was playing but have died and stopped playing. i would like an option to put eras into categories “currently playing” and some custom categories you can name yourself.

  • yes, add era-sorting capabilities
  • no, this is a bad idea because… (post reason below)

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good idea and all its just that i think there are more important stuff that need to come first


Or even just be able to delete a world off your screen would be nice. you would just have to keep deleting it after you entered that world again. or is that a completely different idea ? idk but i voted yes


despite its a good idea i dont see it really necessary
just put JW on your name and you will see what eras you are watching
and i am sure you will remember an era you died on


and i dont think the idea is bad just the only option says its bad i think you should add more options


i’ve accidentally entered a jw world once too many times without noticing it when my alarm goes off and im in a hurry


Its a thing about personalty then
and tbh i think there are more important things to work on then arranging eras for some players
because entering a JW world and too many times i think it gets back to the person himself


Different category’s my worlds 1 - 9 or be able to remove a world from your my worlds category might be a simpler answer and it is self explanatory you no longer want a certain world in that category. I think it is a wonderfull idea and hopefully not hard to implement.

I used to play all worlds and when they were full you have this huge list and you click the wrong link now your going into a world you know your just going to exit right away. do it several times in a row to really get your hair in a tizzle all this and the timer is 00’ing down.


Or just not literally “remove” but hide. Anyway, up :slight_smile: