[FUNSIES] Playing as Heat in SuperMechs Memes Contest


Just like the title says…

Come up with the Funniest, Most Creative, or Just Plain Truthful Meme about how it’s like to play as a Heat Mech in SuperMechs :grinning:

Winner will be whoever gets the most Likes :heart: before the deadline which is the Sunday, Sept 16 Reset (72hrs from now)

Multiple Entries are allowed. Only One Entry per Forum Post. Feel free to use Images, Videos, Audio, whatever… Let the Memes speak for themselves or feel free to add an explanation. I’ll start…

Playing as a Heat Mech is Like…

Bringing a Sword to a Gun Fight

Indy’s of course the Phys Mech
The Sword guy’s the Heat Mech… all Flash and Panache, but well, you’ll see :grinning:


Alright then.
I’ll see what kind of memes i need to make.


Ah yes,i remember this one lol.


well using physical to energy fight is like bringing a knife to a poison sword fight


LOL! Love that one Yo_Yo :rofl:


I just want to know why everyone still likes it lol.






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BTW, just found this Meme Generator site… awesome…


Now you know what kind of site i’m using…great.







That does not have to do anything to do with heat.


I am going to send a motherfucker meme only wait.


Lol, look this meme, made by me:



It’s pretty good lol.


Lol thx