Funny Thing I Noticed Today


My apologies if this has been brought up before but upon searching I only found this outdated topic by our friendly neighborhood BDW Admin and forum moderator El. (Here)

But, this becomes slightly more relevant with the addition of 2 new/newer resistance draining side weapons into the game (Basalt Dissolver and Blizzard Dissolver)…

If you ever get these resistance draining side weapons (the ones that go from E-M) you can actually upgrade them to max Epic for less boost power than other items. You actually save 14280 boost power, which can be useful if you have a lot of duplicates of this item, or no use for the item in general and don’t mind upgrading them to Legendary 1/40 to be fused away.

I imagine this was a conscious decision by Tactisoft to make these items more easily upgradeable and thus more viable and used in the arena to help balance their increase in resistance through the release of things like the arena shop and, more recently, new torsos.

Hope this helps, or you at least found this interesting. And if you already knew this, that’s cool too! Take care.


I’m confused. You used 2 max rare power kits but they gave less for the Blizzard Dissolver?


Because the Blizzard Dissolver maxes out at Epic 30/30 at only 71,520 boost power while the Corrupt Light maxes out at Epic 30/30 at 85,800 boost power.

Edit: The screenshots were taken as the progress bar was in the process of increasing or decreasing to show the max boost power value for each item as opposed to just showing “MAX LEVEL” if that is where your confusion comes from.


So you took them before they reached max level?

Also where’s your gold?


Yes, the images were taken prior to both items reaching max level. Both items would have been Max Level given the two Rare Power Kits used to upgrade them at 50,000 boost power apiece (equaling 100,000 boost power total). But, that wouldn’t have shown the relevant data I was trying to capture in both items max boost power being different.

Also, I removed my gold as I did this on my F2P account and I tend to not like releasing spoilers on the account prior to updating my thread. Just a little thing I have a habit of doing for the people that enjoy that thread. That’s all.

Hope everything is clear now. Take care.



Not sure what you are trying to say @JamAnime12.