Fun Thread - Which weapons are you most afraid of?

Lets have fun about the weapons you hate. Explain the reason and suggest a strategy to win against them.


  • Bunker Shell: with poor energy capacity you will play only a turn (if your weapon doesnt require energy)
  • Valiant Sniper: Same
  • Corrupt Light: two of them are really annoying, if you dont have enough heat and cooling you will never win.

Weapons by themselves? None.

Weapons as combos?

2 x Valiant Sniper
Bunker Shell + Valiant Sniper
2 x Ash Creator, with an opponent having 450+ Max Heat

2 x Crimson Rapture

very unpleasant useless teleport on damage like farts

Legacy double teleport.

Mythical Corrupt Light (or two).

Haven’t seen many dual Ash Creators or Valiant Snipers yet.

dual nightfalls ( dont have a good energy mech )
murmur ( reduce the cooling )
maximum protector ( too muh resistance )
windforge ( to much energy drain )
crimson rupture ( seriously 3 uses )
valiant sniper ( to much draining )

yep a lot of items i somehow can’t counter. Sadly i don’t even have them. :frowning:

Im not afraid because i never going to reach lvl 150 :grinning:

any flamethrowers or death punches