Fun lil idea I had


So while the MT people were discussing the rules list (will be out soon, i gotta eat josh now :frowning2:)

I had the idea, what if when you get conquered, your medals would show. Eh eh? Think about it and lmk in the poll bellow [poll type=regular public=true]

  • Yea sure y not :guardsman:
  • Nah I wanna hide :sleeping:


Your explanation here is quite lackluster nublet.

Essentially, people hide. A lot. We thought it’d be interesting if being conquered forcefully pulled you out of it. Your “hide medals” would no longer be valid. Thought it’d add some nice little spice to things (we originally were thinking just remove “hide medals” entirely.


Yea Malice is right


Well What if youre undercover on a BIG ERA because playing with someone who hates you,
And You Get conquered on another JW world,
Your cover’s blown on all worlds.
I voted Yes ,though


Why would you play with someone who hates you, that seems silly ya willie


Well Lets say I join a REALLY good team ,I get along with, I screwed someone’s era while trolling a few months ago, I dont Hate Him, But obviously he does, AND wants me back, While people like me dont hold grudges even for stabbers or enemies, (Usually play with and against friends) ,Others really Do hold Grudges For YEARS over MINOR things.


Then deal with the consequences of your actions :slight_smile:
Bane chased me down on a few eras and even caused me a loss in the past because I hit his team once (he attacked my brother alliance and was surprised I attacked him back after I told him I would :joy:)

Me - sure, I expected him to get over it :stuck_out_tongue: Did he? Nope! Cost me an era against CME. But it is what it is. I don’t always expect everyone to have amnesia every era. It’s more so, don’t hold MASSIVE grudges without any reason to the point where it becomes detrimental to the game itself.

For instance, Bane and I are now fine with each other. We hated on each other for like, a few months. Then we got over it. We both got our hits in. I hated Dane that era I faced CME. Lasted for a while. We said our apologies, then we played some eras together, had a good time, i ended up friends with most of CME.

Don’t forget things, but don’t let it rule your every decision either. Even if it was CE3 and Milan invited me to play in his team, you can bet I’d be hella weary of him betraying me if I was absent at any point.


it should only show medals on the world you get conquered on.


I am Barack Obama, and I approve this message.


I’d say on the one hand yes, because this way you force those that want to hide to at least put some more effort into trying to stay unconquered. On the other hand I’d say no because right now you might have some top players getting resistance from players that prefer to not have it be known they’re playing against them which they might no longer do if this was implemented, meaning they would just no longer plant.

So I’ll withhold my vote, not sure on this one.


it will just let top teams know which conquers they need to nuke/watch and anyone who really wants to hide will just make new accounts to get around it. why? why even?


Yes, there are still work arounds. But think about it this way. Someone plants under alias with no intention of playing. All of a sudden they’re doing well and have a good shot. Now what’s going through their mind? CRAP! I’m not on my main account! This won’t count for it!

Next era he places with main account incase something like that happens again so he can get his medal and recognition. He gets conquered, gets found out, and people keep track of him and prevent him from building up this time knowing full well who it is.

People LOVE showing medals and who they are AFTER they know they got the era in the bag. They never want to admit “hey, you bested me this era”. If they can, they’ll simply bow out without saying a word to reveal their identity if things fell apart early. There will of course still be, “oh I wasn’t even trying! You beat my JW team. Good job loser” going around. People are sore losers. That will never change.

So essentially, it’s a trade off. Sure, not everyone is as fixated on medals and such every era. But many are as well. Why hide what you so called “earned” though? If you want to hide, you still can. But it will be at the cost of having all your medals on same account :wink: And to me, I think it’s a small, but nice way of doing things.


I just don’t really see the advantages I guess. Do you think this will make more people play? Because I’m leaning towards it will make LESS people try to play rounds if anything.


I’ve found that I literally have to hide in eras to avoid being gangbanged from the very start… why take that away? The current system allows people to have their medals showing if THEY want, what is the flaw in that?


I think that the option of being anonymous is a powerful tactical tool in the game. Also showing medals has its tactical implications too when players have to power play.
Getting conquered can be a strategy in some cases.( I’ve used it many times). I don’t believe it’s right to expose someone who doesn’t want to be exposed simply because they got conquered. I voted no.


I’m. Let’s just have this implemented think it’s gonna be something simple. Maybe Alex can shed some.light