Full inventory/unclaimed box bug

When my inventory is full, and I do a campaign mission, when I recieve an item box, the message pops up saying it will move it to unclaimed but it never does no matter how many times I play and get a box.

Now I’ve had this for a while now and I’ve just found a way round it which is to go and click on the unclaimed box tab as if to trigger it or something then go and play a campaign mission… I only need to do this once and it goes in until The next time my inventory is full.

Please fix this because even if I lose one box to the glitch, in total I would be losing a massive ton each time.

I feel as though I am the only one with this glitch… My brother never mentions it so I doubt he has it.

Can someone help? I don’t know how to get this message to the developers

That’s the point, you don’t lose anything.
The first time you receive the full inventory message, last box has actually been opened and its items are the ones that filled your inventory.
That’s why you don’t see anything in unclaimed box, because that box has been opened even if you don’t see it on screen.
From that moment, if you keep going without clearing your inventory, boxes will start to stockpile in unclaimed section as expected.
Hope this clarify how full inventory prompt message is actually working.

Oh wait… really???

Yup, really. You can even verify it with a simple test: just take note of how many free inventory slots you have, e.g. let’s say you are at 120/150, then add your item amount after every new mission box, e.g. you get a 3 items box, so you now are at 123/150.
When you will be, for example, at 149/150 and you will get a box (let’s say a 2 items one) that prompt message will pop out and you will read a full inventory warning into it; if you pay attention you can see it also say 151/150.
That means that your last box has been actually opened as explained in my post above.

If that helped, mark my previous post as solution (just hit the tick icon under it) so people will be able to see this issue as been solved and they will easily identify the solution :slight_smile:

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yo lo acabo de comprobar, las recompensas están bug, no es que imaginen, el inventario no tiene que ver, yo tengo mucho espacio libre