Fuel buggy since leveling to 100


When I leveled to level 100 my maximum fuel increased from 116 to 124, but after doing a Bigboy run on normal, which should use 10 fuel, it put me to 111 fuel rather than 114. This has continued since leveling to 101.

Also, in the past when I spent tokens to refill my fuel when I have some fuel remaining it would add that remaining fuel to my maximum fuel and wouldn’t be wasted. Since leveling to 100, if my fuel goes over 124 that fuel is wasted because after doing Bigboy on normal my fuel is always 111 afterwards, regardless of how much over 124 it was beforehand. This has happened both after refueling when I had 2 fuel remaining, putting me to 126/124 fuel and when I got the daily login reward of 15 fuel, putting me at 139/124. Both times I did normal Bigboy once I had 111 fuel afterwards.


It says 124, but it really is just 120.

If you take that number as 120, you’ll see everything else checks out.

Also numbers above 120 are all fake, unless you got the extra fuel from daily bonuses, which will actually increase it above 120. Any other methods don’t, this includes leveling and refills.

Yes, it’s a bug that has been here for many months. :slight_smile:



At first I thought it was as simple as my maximum fuel only being 120 instead of 124 like you say, but it’s not just that. The more important issue I’m having is that when my fuel goes over the maximum, either from daily login reward giving fuel or from refueling while still having some fuel, then any fuel that goes over the maximum is lost. Prior to getting level 100 that fuel wasn’t lost under the same circumstances.

For example, this morning I got the daily login bonus of 15 fuel, and I was at maximum fuel, so it said I had 139 fuel. After doing one normal Bigboy run I then Had 111 fuel. If it was just that my maximum fuel is 120 instead of 124, then I should have had 125 fuel after doing one Bigboy run on normal.(120 max + 15 for the login bonus - 10 for Bigboy).

The same thing happened when I paid 20 token to refuel when I was at 2 fuel. It took me to 126 fuel, then I did one normal Bigboy run and afterwards I was at 111 fuel. In both instances the fuel that exceeded my maximum was lost.


That’s strange, it always worked normally (as the number suggests) when using daily bonus fuel.


Just encountered another fuel related bug. I had just finished a nomral Bigboy run and tried to enter another but when I clicked the enter button nothing happened. I tried several more times, but nothing was happening. I refreshed the page and was back to the main menu screen, but had 10 less fuel.

I had just finished by second Bigboy run of they day, so I’m certain that 10 fuel was wasted.


No, you don’t talk about SuperMechs / tacticsoft, that must be an other game / company you are talking about :exclamation: