From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


Actualy that was an accident… like that one time Littlelost kicked himself out of the clan :))


Thanks, would have been nice for a PM or email so it was expected :slight_smile:


i need a clan i just signed up for this forum thing too


The last post from Andernut cracks me up
Such is the brotherhood of LLYL


With our mistakes and successes, we stay together and survive.
Don´t worry, you choosed to leave us a long time ago. Then, to “brotherhood” does each one, for you It didn´t matter, whereas for us it was important, and that’s why we decided to stay together in face of difficulties.*

*But I don´t even intend that you try to understand it.


I understand it very well
That is why I chose to leave LLYL with the many others that left at the same time. And all left in relation to what the clan had become and who were in it


Hello all! LLYL is a very nice clan with great glorry and honour! also their members are very kind and polite, it’s from the best clans i’ve ever been in (i joined some days ago) we need members to rise again! Who is that one person who fights with honour contact us and join us!


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hello all, I’m grosbite new leader of the clan thank you


You’re welcome.


we need recruited a great player


can i join?


Gratz grosboss!! :sparkles: :boom: :sparkles: :dizzy: <<< fireworks :heart:


i can join maybe ???


may be later


Hey all,we are looking for good players


maybe i can join now


Salut à tous, nous sommes à la recherche de bons joueurs


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