From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


To all you fan boys that feel the need to trash an old clan on their recruitment page:
Beeing here and bashing us, just shows the grudge and jealosy thay you have inside you.
You may be on the wave some of you, be it from a good start or some shady methods( missyfit you were in shiro).
Dont yank a lion by the tail even if he looks dead…


Don’t punch a hater in the face even if he looks dumb…



Don’t eat that week old pizza…even if it looks fresh…


littlelost himself is the one who made it not about clan recruitment by throwing around unbased accusations at Reign members. don’t act like littlelost was simply asking for members and then reign showed up talking shite when we all know it was the other way around - you are not the ones being provoked, littlelost is the one throwing around inflamatory lies.



I accept, it may have been wrong with the members of Reign, so I withdraw my accusations and apologize. But in connection with Shiro clan I was right, the proof is that more members of the clan are banned and the clan no longer exists.


I was not a hacker, but after being number 1 for about three months, I was banned, and rising took over. Even though I was banned, I have another account that is really good. I never curse, and I really need good items on my other account. Please consider it



Hi Bro I don’t want to join ur clan cuz it has nothing.But I always wanted To Talk with Nic and u.I m playing this game frm 5 years from that time when this game had worldmap type campaign. Bye


Why were you banned . Seems odd but I am listening


Where is se77en? That is a mystery


Clan LLYL changed management.
The tourch of leadership, from our beloved and truly magnificent leader Littlelost, has been passed down to Grosbite.
Grosbite is now the leader of Littlelostyoulost clan, he is a very old and valuable player of SM, with year of competitive gameplay, and beeing in the top constantly, he has the experience and the comitment to guide and rule the oldest and most valuable clan in SM.
For aplications please write ingame to Grosbite, or here with your complete ingame name and number.

I also take this oportunity to thank the former leader @Littlelost for the years that he has put into making this clan, and for the fun times, and guidence that he has provided to so many,and for letting me be apart of that experience… i say to you “You will be missed!And may chance smile upon all that you will do.Sempre fi!
@Wepwawet, @Se77en, @MrOneTwo, @Andernut,


I love my littlelost clan! In any situation or circumstance, in good and bad. Me and my clan had an affair at first sight. I want to lyll with the same intensity that I want to my favorite football team. And there I feel free. I’m not looking for glories to me, I play for my clan.And I don´t compete with my brothers…

All of us who know Dany miss him and we hope he comes back to the game again. He is a whole person, without folds. Someone who was always willing to support us.

I warmly welcome you to our dear Grosbite. I have seen him act as leader in these early days and I like him. Not only because of the loyalty that has always been to the clan, but because of his quality of person, Grosbite deserves the place he occupies now.

We were hit hard by the update. Maybe we were very comfortable and had a hard time adjusting. But Lyll’s spirit is still alive. Most of us are no longer “stars”, but we are still friends. And the good ones go together and united, side by side supporting any gale, which is the most important.

I feel that along with the new players who have chosen to share this adventure with us, we get a little bit stronger every week.

Bravo Lyll! Lyll forever !!


I can only be glad that the clan is in good hands and that the LLYL spirit has not perished with me! Thanks from tmy heart for my members!


Who are you?? “se77en”…


old llyl member, maybe he left clan before you joined

or you saying that because he is a fake?


Th ats not se77en . Se77en is gone for now.


Littlelost …maybe u will not remember me but in game im TuTuZu (Play for like 5 years) and im sorry cause ur not in the LLYL clan enymore …i will miss to see litlelost clan in top…heh after a couple a year i can say it.I will miss u bro…si ce sa zic un camarad roman ramane un camarad roman pana la moarte nu ? :slight_smile:


That was Se77en, the post is over 20 days old.




liitlelost why u leave the clan ?



Back in, thanks for fixing it.