From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


Your words never hurted me
I just ask you to be respectful and you become more disrespectful,
I am not social and don’t want useless chats,
I am not a hacker for sure , you can check my account
I didn’t applied to join your clan and I never will

I wasn’t disturbed by reality , you can see that I said create a different topic


Then explain yourself here, on this topic, troll?


I am also a moderator of the forums in general. Hence me talking in forum topics and asking people to settle down. Please do not call me little pup :slight_smile: I do know what I am talking about and doing :slight_smile:

If a topic is getting too off topic, we will close it. People get too rowdy, we will intervene. That is all :slight_smile:


K… :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:… Understood…


You must be joking. Ha Ha.


You can also explain yourself beeing here?
You are BD, you dont play SM, you dont want to join llyl clan, you provide no usefull information about this topic, and you just intervene when the word hacker/cheater pops up.
What exactly do you want from this forum, except fanboys and glittering adulation from the likes of the imp about u beeing a forum Mod, on a diferent game?
As your name suggests you are a pup, take it as a compliment. Also as your description suggests, you are clueless.
So pack your super powers over gorgis, and imps, etc. And do stay out of this topic witch is about clan recruitment in llyl clan.


Nope :x ( Unless I’m just hallucinating )


I love this topic… reminds me of the old forum lol

This is really an off-topic conversation here tho. You can talk about this in private. Have no idea why Malice is arguing with you in this topic and not private. Maybe he wants some advertisement to the clan :slight_smile:


Cause I had name changes lol


As of when is @TheDevil a hacker? Does he even play SM?


hello i would like to join your clan my nickname is oliboy23


Sure we’ll add you. Whats ur SM ID?


hi sorry my id is 17932560 thank you


Yes I play SuperMechs


my id is 11986890 add me xd


hhi sr little lost i want to join our clan why you have one member of mi own nation and is rank 2 and i hvae muchs time in rank one and my better rank are top57 and i want to join our clan i am very very active and very sociable


So Phantom was banned


hi can you please add me i currently am in rank 13 but my other account used to get top 3 weekly my win rate is 70-80% my id is listed earlier about 5 posts back


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Thanks to everyone who wrote and admired us in these years, since we were the best in the game. Unfortunately, they understand to deliberately destroy the game, although we have clearly told them that the first time the game needs to be secured and the hackers must stop, and only then other updates. Now Shiro hackers lead the game together with the Reign, otherwise I can not explain how only a few hours after the launch of the new update they already had full robots fused and filled with new most valuable items. Their shame because they close their eyes to the whole hacker masquerade, and by doing so they practically destroy the game.
I have chosen to withdraw from the game with dignity, ashamed of the way she came to treat us, because we have the courage to open our mouth and ask for justice. (They banned some of the clan, and they do not even respond to our emails to them)strong text