From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


Hi guys! We are looking for new members, active and honest players, with a nice attitude,
we need
good players, thank you

king lyll : grosboss


You see good teams in easy times; you see the great ones in difficult times.


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what rank are yalls clan


Ranks in LLYL are mostly Strong Rank 4s up to Rank 1s.

For the entirety of Top 6 Clans :

  • Top 6-4 Clan will have - Rank 5, Rank 4, Rank 3, Rank 2, Rank 1 (sometimes)
  • Top 3-1 Clan will have - Rank 5 (rarely), Rank 4 (only at season reset), Rank 3 (usually at the middays), Rank 2, Rank 1


dont yall have a LLYL junior clan



There you go fella, looks full yet inactive though.


the reason i am inactive is because it is not even letting me log in today


@DaBeest I meant the clan looks inactive.


:1st_place_medal: - - - Single Medal Ranking - - -

The Legend…miss that guy.
The nicest player i ever met in SM.


He might be back now, fought him earlier.

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