From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


hello a t r , ok I take you


need again players , thank you


hi all lyll

I announce
break for few weeks or some months
or I stop playing
I would like boss change, as soon as possible


@El_Metre Worthy candidate. Love the man.




really i will be miss you…

your old rivals/friend The Hunter


Gonna be difficult to find somebody as involved as you Gros. Metre is great leader material, but i doubt hed be willing to take the job, thats a lot of work.


you’re right, he must be the new leader :smile: :smile:


Give the clan to scymus. He is ranking member outside of dottore. Maybe he will run it .


Can i Join? I Need Some Tips From Strong Players. Btw Im An Old Player But when I Play the game yesterday I Thought I Was Still Strong Since I Always reach black skull rank but when i Try Pvp They’re HP Are Almost Like 2k Damn. btw My Nickname In SM Bay Max


I Play 1-5 hours a day


Those are legacy items lmao except first 2 mechs


Best idea I EVER read in the forum :exclamation:





hello Dany, long time i haven’t seen you active, i hope you’ll get the players you need, good luck! btw don’t rush inviting players, many of them are just wonderful spies :wink:


I didn’t see that coming. You okay boss? A long time you play, a long time you have been good. Do what you need to and come back stronger, friend.


if he’ll take the job, you’ll all go to bootcamp…:rofl:


salut mechzilla

no, it’s not going,yes I play clean for 6 years but this news team supermechs pure dishonest,system: nerve and money idea : beautiful succeed…etc

and other problem.

good luck my friend


well i think that s the best thing to do,since if you can t deal with all that leader pressure ,just make sure that you leave llyl on good hands


lol … I really don´t know what Lyll will be. To be honest, I don´t know what will be of all the top clans. Every time people play less and each player we lose, it costs a Peru to find a good substitute.

So the truth doesn´t matter to me if Lyll goes first, third, fourth or tenth. Medals? We already have too many! More than those that fit in the small space of logo. Rewards? You are making me a joke? Does anyone really compete for the clan’s shit rewards?

Therefore, what I have said more than once keeps. The last one turn off the lights (But I choose to stay on Lyll while the light is on).

If Sebas wants to take a break, does it. All good! And hopefully he can find another game better than this one.

Sebas… once you said you were leaving and I tried to stop you. I should not have done it. Where you want you’ll be better off than in here.


Heard Gros was looking for member, just so happens i am looking for a ok clan, if u want me pm me
i can get rank 4-3 with my mechs, atm i am rank 6, Player ID: exetra Level 150