From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


Please, go to your clan’s topic. Don’t come to pollute here.

Thank you.


Can I join?

… Not sure if I want to… A decent Rank 3 though


it’s good, I found, thank you propose

progress yourself and I’ll wait you become supermech stars :star_struck:

good luck friend


hi all, we need 1 pro player and thanks


I heard that you guys are having terrible time.
I feel terrible when i heard that.


I do not want to talk about that, I’m looking for players that’s all


Wish you luck trying to find one.


actually you are looking for 2 pro players :wink:
(involved people will understand)


No, being 4th isn’t that bad :exclamation:



It’s kinda sad to hear that they were always 3th place and now got lowered into 4th,wich something tells me that it is going to be weaker.
Trolls made it to 3th place (gongrats)…and that’s something.




4th place is the 3rd place loser


There is an old saying:

Dont yank the tail of a lion… even if it looks dead.
He might be sleeping, and you might be the next meal.


But Lions do not fall from 1st to 4th rank :exclamation:




We need 1 or 2 rank 4 and active players.

Rank is important but active is more.

Thank u.


You are the example that they can fall much lower than 4th.


In this sentence is no logic, only seeable is your hate towards me = :joy: :sparkling_heart:



As the hate you feel to our clan and our clanmates.

Really… I dont hate you. But at some moments I feel sorry for you. I know nothing about your life and dont care, but I feel sorry. I cannot avoid it, I am very empathetic with people.


y yo ?